It’s hard to believe 2020 is over and we’re in a New Year. I hope the holidays were delicious and replenishing–even if unlike any others.

While I took a good space of downtime, I also delivered 5 Praying the Mystical Rosary virtual experiences that sisters raved about. (So gratifying!) Notes like these warm my heart!

“What you’re offering here is so sacred, so holy, it goes beyond our notion of schedules and clock time. It’s very moving–I was in tears at times. …To have permission to re-imagine the way we do things. How radically empowering.” – CH

“Love the idea that these practices are about alignment and coming into greater coherence… and I like to remind myself that the Christ energy, in its essence, is Divine Love. – BJM

“This gathering, connection and activation was absolutely beautiful. I look forward to our journey together.” – DSL

“Thank you for convening this multi-session deepening into the rosary and the rose. Beautiful… calming… soothing.”  – CMF

(Side note: If you joined the Praying Mystic Rosary, but never made it LIVE, I hope you dip into a replay or 2. In addition to a deep and potent practice to still your mind and align your heart, there are lots of juicy  tidbits about the Rosary, how it works, ways to change it to align with your  spiritual practices and path. With short teachings and Divine Downloads from/about Magdalene, Great Mary, Guadalupe, and even a bit on Divine Sophia. Look for the next offering here.)

Maybe your holy days were reflective and replenishing and you’re raring to go. (yay!) I’m easing into 2021 with ease and grace.

Either way your year-end completion practices may still be underway. Mine are.

Have you taken your calendar and harvested the blessings of that wild ride of 2020? It’s not too late and still worth doing.

Once completed and released, 2020 fades and we can face this new year. Turn hope and trepidation, to ease and grace…

What are your dreams, visions, and intentions for 2021?

Have you taken the time to gaze into the chalice of possibility yet?

I’m slowly turning towards this year. January feels brighter, I’m sensing a shift in the light, feeling the creative pulse awakening. Softly.

I’m in no rush. And yet ideas are pouring in, when I give myself the space to receive. I am conjuring and visioninggently opening to the magic that might be in potential–and I hope you are too.

Recognizing that this creative receptive “planning” process needs a monthly container to allow the deeper dive that writing/painting/musing requires. I’m excited that we’ve created this space.

Because like you, life otherwise sweeps me away with it’s more important (allusive)To-Do List.

What about your BEing? (That’s the Feminine Soul balance/cultivation part.) Do you have space for your creative wings to unfurl, goddess?

Creative soul tending in these trying & uncertain times is as important than ever. Especially right now, as we intend, dream, and vision ourselves into this new year.

With this shift into this new year, it’s a new quarter, which means I’m thinking about gathering in the Writer’s Grove later this month.

Writer’s Grove is for soul-aligning development work that creatives/intuitives need monthly–but don’t otherwise make time for (right?)

Seems like Divine Timing at play...

The Writer’s Grove, your Write Away Virtual Retreat can be that regular place to drop in. (Even if you’re not a “writer” per se.)

Since it’s the beginning of the quarter you can join now for the next 3 months at a bargain rate of 3 for $99, which is a $66 discount!)

Or you can pay as you go, each month for $55. I’m happy to see & sit with you either way. See details and register here.

I’m still making last minute adjustments to the schedule….

Tentative Dates for the Writer’s Grove, our on-going monthly circle of support and creative expansion to Write AwayFridays from 1-4 pm PT**

  • January 15 (or 29?)
  • February 26
  • March 12 (or 26?)

(Please hit reply and RSVP your ideas ASAP, as I’m finalizing details now.

I am standing for your creativity expressed in 2021 like the Divine Feminine co-creatrix you areand want to create the space for that to happen with you. Join me?

I’m looking forward to creating with you, dearheart…

P.S. Open your creative flow. express your inner vision onto the printed page or canvas. Just like you dream of doing.

Your monthly creatrix circle guarantees you the time and space to drop into a deeper space (guided and held) for what you want to focus on, with dedicated writing time, group support for reading tidbits, questions, challenges. Details and dates will be here

In our time together we

  • Create a sacred container and a plan with intention by connecting with guidance via guided meditation & simple ritual.
  • Explore practices that access your inner writer/creatrix, always dancing with tools/perspectives to avoid creative blocks.
  • Create breakthroughs and dive into some dedicated time writing, arting & creating!

Now is the time for the quarterly opt-in: join for 3 months at $99 $33 a session–a deep $66 discount from the usual monthly rate of $55 a session. (You get 3 months for less that the price of 2!)

Here’s the link to reserve your spot at this great price.

If you’re not ready or able to commit: Join and pay “a la carte” for $55 each month (until the group is full).

PSS Do you know someone else you think this might be perfect for? There is still space for them to join you. (Pro Tip: good to have a buddy for feedback and support for your writing, too!)

Here’s the link for them to register. Thanks for sharing!