How are you with changing habits and patterns, beloved?

It’s a hallmark of way makers, change catalysts, entrepreneurs and new paradigm lovers. Moving in the mystery, flowing with inspiration, pausing when it’s quiet.

For me its about backing off the masculine success patterns I’ve been so good at (yet don’t always serve me) to follow the flow of divine feminine inspiration & grace to beget action.

It’s a dance: the balance of masculine do and feminine be/receive. (interested in this topic? There’s more here.)

To truly live, love and lead in a Feminine Soul centered business (and life), it’s all about divine timing and working in flow–not marketing calendars. And yet… the outer structure of the masculine mode provides containment, accountability, witnessing, and process. All important to nurture, support and sustain ease, grace, intuition and flow from a Divine Feminine center. It’s in this integration that the manifestation of one’s visions (AKA dreams, callings, goals, outcomes…) are expressed in alignment and without wiping you out.

Quite the paradox!

I’ve been feeling the emergence of the Feminine in 2021 in the biggest way. It’s still marinating within. (It’s not an outward facing process–the feminine is deep, juicy, and inward. Of course she has her sunny outer projections, too. It’s not all “one way or the other,” right?)

This year thus far has felt unusually quiet for me. Fallow, a period of waiting, listening, and resting. Maybe it’s healing the trauma of the past 4 years? (And COVID? And climate change?)

It feels like deep winter, though I know it’s early spring. Seeds are gestating, about to sprout. Are you here too?

I’ll be honest. In this quiet, I’ve been uninspired about messaging you about creativity & expression. And in alignment with my soul’s call as Feminine centered business, if I’m not feeling it, I’m not forcing it. That paradigm no longer works. It’s too exhausting.

Yet I am excited about the upcoming virtual Writers Grove Retreat, to have time and space to create! (But not feeling so moved to muse about it. Until now.)

Creative tending in this time of great change is more important than ever, goddess. Activating our Divine Feminine presence–the path of the everyday priestess — is crucial as we navigate through the waves of b happening now.

So without a lot of fanfare I want to invite you to tend your inner temple in creative flow: write, draw, paint, with me. Next Friday.

Link here takes you to more details. There are 2 ways to participate. I hope you choose one.

Here’s what one raving fan shared:

The Grove is giving me a habit of being more creative. Each month it’s a jumpstart to keep me going. …writing is a very solitary process. Meeting on Zoom is the perfect answer to the question I didn’t even know I had: I get support, connection, and inspiration with other creatives without getting lost in it. We’re gathered together, but not. Solitary, but not. The structure, combined with the sense of community and creativity is a beautiful thing. I get sparked in different ways each time. It feels like being at an artist’s retreat and it’s something I look forward to each month.” -Celeste H, Oregon

Connect with that creative space inside you, the Writer’s Grove Virtual Retreat is next Friday (And it’s not just for “writers” — you choose your creative work.) Details and dates are here.

As a writer and artist, I’m truly relishing this time & space for my deep winter’s creative musing. I can’t wait… Will you join me?

Let’s create together, sister (brother–you’re welcome too!)