I’ve written you 3 times this week, sister, but never hit send. Unwilling to clog your space with anything remotely pandering performative, or self-serving.

This historic moment (#BLM) we’re in requires something deeper of us.

And while the changes that are happening are long overdue, it’s not easy, either.

There’s so much to cope with: personal, planetary, social, cultural, institutional… We’re really dregging through the dross. All levels of our beings are impacted.

There is no “going back to normal”– amen to that. And yet (for white women, if you are one) there’s a great paradox.

Women have been suffering under patriarchy AND benefiting from it’s biased privilege. It’s a lot to untangle.

We’ve Seen These Changes Were Coming, Right?

From the enviromental devastation, to corporatocracy, institutional racism, social oppression and more…things are way out of balance. The shift is long overdue. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Lately I feel moved and inspired…or exhausted. Deeply pondering my participation in world events, knowing this is not the time to sit back and be complacent. Yet also knowing there ARE many ways to serve and participate.

Reflecting on all the social justice actions, big and small, I’ve taken just since 2016. Wondering, am I doing enough…?

I’m going to assume the same is true for you, beloved. We want to be on the right side of this accounting, don’t we?

These massive shifts–and clearly we are in a big one now–often take MUCH more emotional energy than we’ve expected. And much longer than we’d like.

Tuned-in, soul-centered women (and men) like us are feeling weary, exhausted emotionally and mentally.

Of course! We’ve been taught to ignore or denigrate our emotions or body-based knowing for generations. that’s what’s gotten us into collective mess we’re in.

So while on one level we may know (or hope) that “all is well’ (which of course it is, from Source perspective, even if it may not feel that way!) on another level the grief, rage, loss and pain are real.

Perfect Moment, Divinely Timed

And we need space and time to process and digest. We must care for ourselves so we can care for the world.

As we edge towards Summer Solstice later next week, everything is in bloom, in and around us, while simultaneously crumbling to bits.

We can trust the medicine of the earth, the rhythm of the seasons, to point us in the direction we need.

Sister, Solstice celebrates the welcome of Summer as a season of abundance. And sometimes what we have abundance of is not what we’re intending or expecting. And yet, here we are. {smile}

What does this have to do with Feminine Soul?

We’ve been awakening the Feminine for a reason. Now here we are. The skills and capacities are now needed most.

But not if you’re wiped out by the madness of the world.

Being connected with Source wisdom and nurturing your world-weary Divine Feminine Soul is more important than ever. Otherwise you risk getting taken out by thoughts and emotions that aren’t even yours (they just might feel that way!)

Give yourself time and attention to take refuge and replenish–it takes courage to buck the mainstream and Source yourself. Then you can be clear and aligned.

Re-fill your well. When we get too depleted it’s long ugly work to find balance again.

Take time out–soul sanctuary–to metabolize what’s happening around you, so you can do the good work you’re doing, without it depleting you.

Allow yourself to enter the mystery. Take a few hours out of time, to rest, reflect, re-balance & replenish. (We need this now.)

We were born for this time, beloved and we’re just at the beginning, so we need to pace ourselves, for the long haul.

If you’re doing well keeping your nervous system regulated, brava!

If you’re not… Find sisterhood: circle up. When we hold space for each other, magic happens, in the presence of another. (I’ve got a suggestion below.)

Together is how humans thrive, it’s the feminine way.

Explore the timely mysteries of Summer Solstice and what this seasonal turn has to teach you now. It’s a time of extremes: longest day, shortest night. Meet the Solar Feminine brightness that balances the overdone hyper-masculine that’s driven us to the edge.

See details below.

Join us in person or on-line…Details below.

PS Would you like to be part of a gathering with me and other like-minded women and men? I’m putting the final touches on this Solstice Rose Temple Virtual Circle. I’d love for you to join me!

A Sanctuary for Deeper Connection to Your Feminine Soul

Dip into the magic of the season. Explore the hidden meanings of Mid-Summer that we’re experiencing.

Gather in an on-line Temple circle to replenish and reconnect with your Feminine essence.

Together we find refuge where you can access your inner vision, reconnect with soul alignment, gain clarity and find courage to move confidently in these trying, tumultuous times.

Connect with Magdalene Mysteries. Discover Her message for us now, exploring the Path of the Rose at Summer Solstice.

Relax and recharge in a short virtual gathering as if you’re tucked into a cozy spot in the ruby salon at the Balch Hotel…

Solstice Rose Temple Virtual Circle

  • Reconnect and replenish through simple Feminine Soul practices you can weave into your daily life. (Crucial!)
  • Nourish and nurture deeper spiritual connection for luscious soul-care with other like-minded kindred.
  • Explore and express seasonal messages that reflect your deeper experience, through creative arts and simple ritual.
  • Dip into Magdalene Mysteries and the Path of the Rose, to align yourself.

Enjoy deep-dive connection, creative expression, soulful conversation, and simple ceremony that spans religious traditions. Meditation, prayer, art, movement, & writing are a few practices we often explore. Guided by Claire Sierra, MA, Expressive Arts Therapist, Soul Coach, Balch Hotel co-owner/Spa Priestess and author of The Magdalene Path.

Saturday June 20 ~ 90 minutes via Zoom

Details and Registration here

*Sisterhood is huge—our strength as a community is together. Our circle is feminine-centered but open and inclusive, so female identifying trans folks and men exploring their inner feminine or priest/ess path are totally welcome, too!

In the spirit of humbly yearning for diversity, equity and inclusiveness, all are welcome. Honorarium are available to support BIPOC participants–please email us to be gifted into the circle. We want all voices here.

Questions? info@MagdalenePath.com (Inquire about other barter & scholarship opportunities.)

*Do you know others you’d like to invite? Please forward this email or link.