Right now, we’re all coping with so much, sweetheart. I know. We’re all experiencing the same world events, but it hits each of us so differently. Plus we all have our own private challenges, that aren’t part of the collective experience.

And while the changes that are happening are good in the long run, they’re not easy to navigate. All levels of our beings are impacted.

Even though it’s good that we’re not “going back to normal” (which clearly didn’t work in a lot of ways) it’s a lot to wade through and adjust to.

Shifting from unconscious privilege and a culturally ingrained mindset that hums fear and scarcity is a big shift. Caring for others in a global pandemic stretches our comfort zone.

Equity Means All Boats Rise Together, So We All Thrive

These massive shifts often take MUCH more emotional energy than expected. (And are slower than we’d like–that’s actually a good thing, so we can re-calibrate and bring everyone along!)

Tuned-in, soul-centered women (and men) are feeling the ups and downs: exhausted and inspired emotionally and mentally–depending on the day. (Yes?)

And we’ve been taught to ignore or denigrate our emotions or body-based knowing for generations. (It’s gotten us into collective mess we’re in.)

So while in some moments we may know (or trust) that “all is well’ on another level the grief, rage, loss and pain are real.

So there’s a big recalibration happening.

To seed this Great Change, we can’t let ourselves get wiped out by the madness of the world. When we get too depleted it’s long ugly work to find balance again.

We need our compassion, body wisdom, intuition, spirit connection and soul aligned.

What Does This Have To Do With Feminine Soul?

Being connected with Source wisdom and nurturing your world-weary Divine Feminine Soul is more important than ever. Otherwise you risk getting taken out by thoughts and emotions that aren’t even yours.

Clarity & connection are crucial. As we awaken the Divine Feminine, we see that the skills and capacities we’re developing are now needed most.

We need space and time to nourish, process and digest, so that we can do the good work we were born to do. Give yourself time and attention to take refuge and replenish–it takes courage to buck the mainstream and Source yourself, clear and aligned.

We were born for this time, beloved, and we’re just at the beginning, so we need to pace ourselves for this journey.

As we edge towards Summer Solstice later this week, we can look to the ancient message of the earth. Lean into the rhythm of the season, to replenish and restore us with the direction we need.

Re-fill Your Well

Take time out–soul sanctuary–to metabolize what’s happening around you, so you can do the good work you’re doing, without it depleting you.

Explore the timely mysteries of Summer Solstice and what this seasonal turn has to teach you now. (I’ve got a suggestion here.)

Enter the mystery. Take a few hours out of time, to rest, reflect, re-balance & replenish. (We need this now.)

Together is how humans thrive, it’s the feminine way. When we hold space for each other, magic happens, in the presence of another.

Join in a virtual temple gathering on Saturday. See details here.

PS Want to replenish and reconnect with your Feminine essence? Dip into the magic of the season. Explore the hidden meanings of Mid-Summer that we’re experiencing.

Together we find refuge where you can access your inner vision, reconnect with soul alignment, gain clarity and find courage to move confidently in these trying, tumultuous times.

Connect with Magdalene Mysteries. Discover Her message for us now, exploring the Path of the Rose at Summer Solstice.

Relax and recharge in a short virtual experience that will feel like you’re tucked into a cozy spot in the ruby salon at the Balch Hotel…I’d love for you to join me!

Solstice Rose Temple Virtual Circle – A Sanctuary for Deeper Connection to Your Feminine Soul

*Do you know others you’d like to invite? Please forward this email or link.