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An On-line Soul Salon to Access Deeper Connection to Your Feminine Essence, Balance Your Inner Masculine & Embody Your Soul Magic.  

Equinox Temple

Right now we often feel pulled in so many directions all at once. It’s stressful, exhausting and unsustainable. So often we strive and push from our masculine to “get sh*t done” with great success—and detriment.

Lots of women have an idea or experience of the Divine Feminine, and know it might be the solution to this craziness.

But how to access this energy to use in everyday life?
What if there were ways to bring our man-mode and Feminine Soul together, to balance these seemingly conflicting states of being?

Gather together for a virtual women’s temple circle, for Spring Equinox–online using Zoom. Sisterhood is huge—our power as women together is amplified, reflected in our shared and varied beauty, intelligence and strength.

Explore your Sacred Feminine through an embodied spiritual connection. Meet your Feminine Soul self. Balance and integrate your masculine side.

It’s Equinox, so we’ll explore the balance of the season–inside and out–and how it impacts us as feminine (or masculine) beings. Learn new ideas, discuss and explore in guided meditation and writing.

Discover practices that integrate feminine essence with masculine mode for greater alignment (and  manifesting.) Create alignment to access ease, grace, and flow.

  • Explore your Feminine Soul through an embodied spiritual connection.
  • Discover sacred and toxic aspects of the masculine and feminine, through teaching, guided meditation, movement/embodiment practices, journalling and dialogue.
  • Balance and integrate your man-mode to re-pair with your feminine essence.
  • Access your Divine Feminine self as a guide to access a new frequency for living.
  • Recharge in a supportive circle for increased sense of belonging and connection in sisterhood,  with other like-minded women. (And maybe a few awesome men.)

During this virtual Soul Salon, you’ll enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, delicious conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions. Guided by Claire Sierra, MA,  Soul Coach, Spa Priestess, Expressive Arts Therapist, Retreat Leader, Balch Hotel co-owner and author of The Magdalene Path.

Relax and recharge enjoying your favorite beverage as you nestle into a cozy spot in your home temple as you beam in via Zoom videoconferencing. (It’s easy!)

Gather for Spring Equinox:
Sunday, March 22 | 11am – 12:30 pm PT | 2-3:30 pm ET
90 minutes (approximately)
On-line via Zoom*
(replay recording sent next day)
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  • If you can’t attend live, register anyway, you’ll automatically be sent the recording  the next day (or so.)
  • Please note: Sisterhood is huge—our strength is together.  Our circle is feminine-centered but open and inclusive, so female identifying trans folks and men exploring their inner feminine or priest/ess path are totally welcome, too!