You know how usually some days (or weeks) just flow and others are like swimming upstream? Lately, things are flowing–in great abundance–but the initiations (challenges & opportunities) are big, too.

This has been a crazy week. The list is staggering.

I guided a group in a new way to pray the Magdalene Rosary. It was every bit as deep and potent for them as I hoped. (That wasn’t the crazy part, read on…)

We accessed a deep and serene space, so quickly!

Women who participated mentioned feeling:

“…calm, centered, aligned.'”

“Love how sweet, soothing and uncomplicated.”

    “So beautiful…. I’ve never prayed the rosary and this feels very natural!”

“I love the calm that enters my field when I recite this… “

It was quite transformative:

“Wonderful release and replacement of my previous belief systems related to the rosary.”

“Felt I was touching something old and deep within me.”

    “I am at peace…no words for this… “

But the tech challenges leading up to the event were intense.

I share this in case you look at someone else and think “they’ve got it all together, why should I even bother?”

It’s just not like that.

No matter where you are at, there are challenges or initiations along the way and the pivot point is you. You get to decide how you want to show up. Who you really are here to be.

Realign with your deeper intention.

It requires grit and grace. Will and surrender. And the capacity to discern WHICH, when. Ahhhh….

And It’s a struggle sometimes. I get it!

But the rewards are huge on the other side. You get to embody the magic you are and be who you really came here to be. (yes!)

Even if its not perfect. {sigh}

A Resource To Access Your Peace And Calm

Because of all my tech issues I didn’t really get to invite you to Praying the New Magdalene Rosary as I would’ve liked. That made me bummed, as I know what a powerful practice this is and how useful it is right now. (Really!)

Praying the New Magdalene Rosary is tremendously soothing and powerfully realigning. Embodying. Delicious.

Then I came upon an idea. I could offer you access to the replay.

If you’re sad you missed it, you can still participate. If you want to dive in, register here. The replay will be sent within a day. (We’re not high-tech autopilots here.)

Find a couple of hours and join us in this virtual soul salon, via replay. (And it’s still Pay From The Heart to ease your financial burden)

Let’s practice being who we really are here to be. Now. Together.

P.S. ITS NOT TOO LATE! Join the circle…learn and explore the New Magdalene Rosary in a virtual temple experience.

Explore your Divine Feminine through an embodied spiritual connection. Create soul alignment to access ease, grace, and flow,

During this 90 minute virtual Soul Salon, you’ll enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, delicious conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions.

  • Discover a Divine Feminine Spiritual Practice that soothes & calms your nervous system.
  • Deepen your Feminine Soul through an spiritual connection with Mary Magdalene.
  • Recharge using simple ritual in a supportive circle–feel a sense of belonging and connection with other like-minded women. (And maybe a few awesome men.)
  • Receive the New Magdalene Rosary Handout to use during the session. Take into your Soul Care Practice at your temple home, afterward.


90 minutes via Zoom.

You’ll get the recording.

Details and Registration Here

Guided by Claire Sierra, MA, Soul Coach, Spa/Wellness Priestess, Expressive Arts Therapist, Retreat Leader, Balch Hotel co-owner and author of The Magdalene Path.