The Equinox is just past and greenery is exploding all around. Finally. Here in the Pacific Northwest we had a very intense winter. Perhaps you too. So we’re glad Spring has arrived, like never before.

And with it, new birth! Seeds (bulbs) we sowed in the fall are starting to bloom.

Winter was rocky for many, with crazy “weather” inside and out!  For many of us, the elections shook what we knew or expected and turned things sideways. Regardless of your feelings for the outcome, a strong emotional current has been stirred up.

Now, perhaps finally, it’s clear that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. No one else is swooping down to save us. As women (and men) in the west, have options, opportunities, tools and resources before us as never before.

It’s felt important to dig in deeper and find new ways to keep ourselves aligned, aright and inspired this year.  (It’s an iterative process, you know.)

If we don’t personally choose what we want to be FOR and moving towards, then we are likely to become victim of what we are against. Make sense?

Think back to last Solstice and the turn of the New Year.  Pull out your list of intentions and intended projects….What were your dreams, desires and intentions for 2017?

(I see mine on my office wall and realize new unexpected ways they are manifesting. In an organic feminine way, without much planning or force.)

Are you on course with your intention(s) or has something fresh and more exciting emerged?

Perhaps you got side-tracked. Notice without judgement or blame where you are now, at the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Realign or revise your intention.

This turn into Spring is a call to deeper alignment–with your Soul Truth, spiritual guidance, inspired ideas, and brave bold vision. Which may just be a tiny green shoot at this point. Or a garden of potential bursting into bloom.

You don’t have to have it all figured out and tied up neatly with a bow to take steps towards what you’re called to. We don’t have forever to wait—by then the impulse and inspiration may pass.

Oh, and don’t think it has to “make sense.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed opportunities that didn’t make sense until after the fact. (Oh, how that hurts!)

But I can tell you of a few that I leapt for anyway:

Recently I had the opportunity to buy a friend’s Art Party business. There were a million reasons not to: I was too busy and it was another whole business project that I really didn’t have time for. There was someone doing it already. I didn’t know if I’d like it. Or be good at it. Or if people would come.

And I knew it was a YES. So I went for it, crazy as it seemed. (Read more about those events, HERE)

What I didn’t know was how much fun it would be, and what a natural fit to all my talents, interests and experience it is. Women LOVE it. It synchronistically dovetails perfectly with the other events and experiences I’m offering. Weaving together events like Sisterhood Suppers at The Balch Hotel and Bliss at the Balch Spa Wellness and Magdalene Path programs. All just as I’m redesigning my website. Wow.

It’s a total fit. Will it succeed? It’s worth a try to see where it leads.

That’s how we came to own the Balch Hotel, too. It was a total fluke and an act of faith, bolstered by good, intelligent guesswork. At times it seemed absurdly impossible and highly unlikely that we’d really get to own this historic boutique inn. Yet it happened!

The Real Mystery

There’s an astonishing and uncanny way that the universe (God/Goddess/spirit) prepares us so well, with with all our quirky, random, “off the path” skill-sets, talents and interests that then get put to use daily. Yet we are stretched into something we cannot yet see fully, but feel guided towards. (True for you too.)

2017 is a year of unprecedented change and opportunity. New beginnings. Now that we cross the equinox (the balance of light and dark) transitioning from inward winter to outward spring, there’s a burst of life-force energy.

Capitalize on that motion, but don’t be surprised by setbacks or delays, that just means you have inner alignment work to do. It’s part of the process, not something to beat yourself up for.

(Side-note: not to get too astro-geeky on you, but there’s a Mercury Retrograde coming early next week. Sometimes that makes things wonky. Don’t take it personally.)

Looking back to your intentions for 2017…

(You wrote them down and posted them somewhere, right?) Where are you starting to see the sprouts you seeded starting to burst into bloom?

What dreams or desires that you feel called to are lingering in your heart-mind?

What ideas or opportunities seem a little crazy, out of reach and yet still capture your imagination?

If the intentions and changes you seek are unclear or elusive to you, get support. Don’t do this alone!! Whether that’s consulting the unseen, angelic realm (my go-to favorite) or our physical friends and advisors for guidance. Contact me for a session or book time with someone you work with.

Enjoy what’s blooming in and through you,


PS Get over the idea that its somehow more morally superior (or more grown-up) to Do It Yourself. We’re tribal creatures, by nature. We make our dreams come true together.

Tune into the support of the universe that is naturally guiding you. If you’re having trouble with that, contact me—I’ve got a few different ways–virtual and in-person– to open that with you.

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