It’s been a while, and not because I’m ignoring or avoiding you. 2017 is a big year already—can you feel it?  We’re rounding the end of the first quarter and spring is afoot.

Whether you hate it or love it, changes are happening. The women’s marches in January were the largest gatherings EVER. Peaceful and positive, they catalyzed  a massive wave of civic engagement!

Women are more activated and inspired than ever–we’re ignited. Such practical expressions of the Sacred Feminine awakening in action.

So many women (and men) are sensing that this is the year to step up and make this our year, to ride the waves of this positive action and create the world our hearts know is possible.

But the path isn’t always clear, is it?

I’m surfing this uprising energy, too.  I’ve been busy creating a new website to reframe & reconfigure what I’m offering, so the path makes more sense. (You’ll see that unveiled soon).

And now that we’re more settled at The Balch Hotel, I can start weaving my magic into this space more with experiences for you–virtual and in person.

I’ve been convening Sisterhood Suppers, for bi-monthly bits of feminine connection over a delicious meal and wine. It’s fun and deep.

Also leading Creative Spirits Art Parties at the hotel and local wineries around the Gorge, to express our inner artist with painting and collage.  (Including some this week! See details HERE) Super casual, expressive and nurturing that creative hunger we get.

But if you’re thinking “that’s not for me, I don’t live there” (or you’re not a going-out type 😉 I’m also crafting on-line experiences to reach you out in the big world.

This makes me wonder what you’re interested in—what you care to invest in and make happen this year. As I look at the sea of possibility I want to focus on what’s in alignment with me and you—what’ll best support you on your path.

So I’ve put together a handful of questions, below and I would LOVE to see your responses! Can you take a short moment and hit reply and answer? This would be SO helpful to me. It’s quick and I think it might help you have more clarity about where you’re going and being, too.

Look, I know your time is precious and I appreciate your input, so everyone who replies will receive a free gift.  And one randomly chosen responder will win a session with me, valued at $200!

I can’t wait to see your replies flooding in!

Big Hugs,


PS Hey, I know you’re busy, but can you take a couple of minutes and do this? It really does tickle me to see you name in my inbox, you know. 🙂  You’ll receive a thank you gift for your sharing precious time and feedback. (And maybe you’ll win the $200 session?!)

Just hit reply and answer yes/no as needed.

——————————————————————–I’D LOVE TO KNOW:

Please answer the following (hit reply and type in line):

  1. Are you in biz for yourself or do you work for a company? What kind of work do you do? Or want to do?
  2. How old are you? Are you single or coupled? mothering or child-free?
  3. What do you struggle with the most that you think I could help with?
  4. What do you want instead?
  5. Which topics are of interest to you? (answer yes/no)
    • Creating a stronger connection to divine guidance
    • Confusion: at a transition and don’t know what direction to take.
    • Clearing inner blocks & limiting beliefs that get in the way of manifesting my bigger dreams and goals.
    • Clarity about doing more soul-aligned work.
    • Visibility versus playing it safe: fear of being seen or heard.
    • Creativity for self-expression and empowerment: painting, collage, journaling, etc.
    • Courage/confidence to take actions & move in the directions I feel guided towards
    • Living from Feminine versus Masculine power in daily life
    • Reclaiming my sensuality & awakening sacred body wisdom in a safe embodied way.
    • Mary Magdalene wisdom – personal channeling or other themes (such as….)
  6. What do you think is not being offered (by me or anyone) that should be?
  7. How you prefer to learn? In the next 6-12 months do you plan to use the following:
    • Virtual Teleseminar, short coures or monthly groups on-line?
    • In-person Evening or day-long workshops?
    • Spa or Bliss Sessions (on-line/in person at Balch Hotel)
    • Magdalene Path 4-6 session on-line Beta class for low price
    • Private or small group Retreat at Balch Hotel
    • Destination retreat to Southern France (Magdalene country)
    • Private coaching vs counseling:
      • individual sessions – pay as you go.
      • monthly packages,
      • 3 or 6 month in-depth programs that deliver results
      • other:
    • Free stuff only
  8. What are you comfortable paying for private or group mentoring?
  9. Where do you live? _________________
  10. Anything else you care to share?

Thanks, love!