Wow, We’re already into July and time is whizzing by. I have a fun celebration to share. If you’re on Facebook, you may have seen it. It’s Magdalene Month!

Why? July 22 is Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day (in the Roman Church) so what better time than now, to honor her. All month I’m sharing Her wisdom, tools and deeper messages from The Magdalene Path to inspire and uplift your life.

It’s a powerful time to be alive on the planet, sister So much is changing and we need to have our wits about us–skills and capacities to stay aligned, present, heart centered and courageous to face what’s ahead.

Magdalene is more than a historical figure. She’s a potent archetype–a portal–of power and guidance whose very essence speaks powerfully to women right now.

We’ll gather Her gems–leaning in to all the tools and skills from the pages of The Magdalene Path book, so we can stand in our soul wisdom, embody our truth, and share our light with the world. Head over to Magdalene Path Group on Facebook for juicy tidbits and a deeper dive into your Feminine Soul.

It’s all free. And we’re just getting started!

The Time is Ripe: Awaken Your Feminine Soul

As we embark upon Magdalene Month, leading up to Her feast day on the Twenty Second, we begin at the beginning, the passage that foreshadowed the rest…

“The Divine She is within you and speaks through you.

The time is ripe.

It is time we awaken the power that is inherent in the Beauty and Soul of the Feminine.

The Divine in female form comes from silence as well as speaking, from listening to and living from a deep inner place that honors all life.

This is not only for women to do, though women carry this and must lead….”

~The Magdalene Path, p.6

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Magdalene then shared,

“I was never a whore, nor did I have devils within me. I was a priestess, healer and leader, which was far more dangerous, to some….

I come now for the truth to become known and for the story of Christ to be lived. Worship of one man was never the intention. It is a turn in the path. . …

~ The Magdalene Path , p.13

More goodness to come, beloved.

Blessings on your path,

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Later this month, gather with me on July 22–Magdalene Feast Day for a virtual temple experience–online using Zoom.

Learn and explore the New Magdalene Rosary in a sacred virtual space for women awakening their Feminine Soul (men are welcome too.)

Explore your Divine Feminine through an embodied spiritual connection. Create alignment to access ease, grace, and flow.

During this 90+ minute virtual Soul Salon, you’ll enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, delicious conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions.

  • Discover a Divine Feminine Spiritual Practice that soothes & calms your nervous system.
  • Deepen your Feminine Soul through an spiritual connection with Mary Magdalene.
  • Recharge using simple ritual in a supportive circle–feel a sense of belonging and connection with other like-minded women. (And maybe a few awesome men.)
  • Receive the New Magdalene Rosary Handout to use during the session. Take into your Soul Care Practice at your temple home, afterward.

Gather on July 22 at 11 am PT | 2 pm ET | 8 pm CEST

90 minutes via Zoom Teleconferencing.

If you can’t make it live, register anyway and you’ll get the recording.

Details and Registration Here

Guided by Claire Sierra, MA, Soul Coach, Spa/Wellness Priestess, Expressive Arts Therapist, Retreat Leader, Balch Hotel co-owner and author of The Magdalene Path.