Rose Temple Virtual Circle

An On-line Haven  for Replenishment & Rejuvenation

We’re in a time of great change, sister. In whatever ways you are impacted, being connected with Source wisdom and nurturing your Soul is more important than ever. Otherwise,  how are we to thrive and create HOPE: Heaven On Planet Earth,  a world that works for everyone??

Embody a Deeper Connection to Your Divine Feminine Magic

Enter the mystery. Take a few hours out of time, to rest,  reflect, re-balance & replenish. (We need this now.) Gather for a sacred circle–an online temple experience–to deepen and nurture your Divine Feminine essence.

Explore the timely mysteries and  relevant themes available to us now.  In a time of great upheaval, the archetypal message of the season can inform, support, balance and replenish us.

Access Your Soul’s Guidance & Wisdom

Relax and recharge in this on-line experience from the comfort of your temple home. Meet virtually as if you’re tucked into a cozy spot in the ruby salon at the Balch Hotel

  • Access embodied spiritual connection of your inner priestess through creative arts and simple ritual.
  • Nourish, nurture,  through simple practices you can take back into your life.
  • Reconnect and replenish though archetypal seasonal themes that express your deeper experience.
  • Explore the authentic Truth  of your Feminine Soul, in a supportive circle of sisters. (Kindred brothers, too.)
  • Nurture your awakening feminine intelligence to balance the hypermasculine mode that’s brought us to this edge.

Find Refuge Together

Join a circle where you can access your inner vision,  reconnect with soul alignment, gain clarity and find courage to move confidently in these trying, tumultous times. Ground and re-balance yourself with like-minded women. (And maybe a few awesome men.*)

Enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, rich conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions. Guided by Claire Sierra, MA,  Expressive Arts Therapist, Soul Coach, Balch Hotel co-owner/Spa Priestess and author of The Magdalene Path.

*Sisterhood is huge—our strength as a community is together.  Our circle is feminine-centered but open and inclusive, so female identifying trans folks and men exploring their inner feminine or priest/ess path are totally welcome, too!

Next Date/Time TBA
10 am-11:30 pm PT  | 1 pm ET | 6 pm UK
90  minutes
On Line Via Zoom

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Choose your heart contribution:

Take 3 centering breaths, tap into your heart wisdom,

and align with the value that feels right:

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Choose Your Contribution:

*In the spirit of inviting diversity, equity and inclusiveness, honorarium are available to support BIPOC participants–please email us to be gifted into the circle. We want all voices here.

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