When I was 29 I was invited to a women’s Celtic spirituality weekend. It was a wooded enclave, in misty and mossy rural New England. We slept in tents and tepees and drank mint tea.

One night, under the light of the full moon in May (yes, it was Beltane) I was initiated as a priestess.

I was given the name Magdalena—which I now know as a title as much as a name.

It was totally unexpected and magical, like an old memory re-surface. And I had no idea what  that meant.

For years I carried that mantle of priestess secretly—mostly for fear of stepping too far out and being outcast.

But since my trip last July to Avalon—the ancient name for modern day Glastonbury—She’s been stirring within me.

Many of us are feeling this inner urging of Priestess, even though it makes no sense.

What arises in you when you see the word Priestess?

Confusion? Anger? Shame? Excitement?

Plus, priestess? It’s hard to find one in current society…. Or is it?

Are We Hiding in Plain Sight?

There’s the image of priestesses honoring ancient goddesses, and the wearing of goddess wear—robes, circlets and crystals—all sitting in a lovely circle. And that’s all good. We’re connecting with a deep and hidden lineage that’s been usurped for generations.

This is beyond that. Activating the Inner priestess awakens Her into your daily life.

Here’s the hidden truth: we’ve been priestessing all along really. Under the guise of healer, teacher, massage therapist, nurse, mortgage broker, acupuncturist, doctor.

We secretly hid our robes—even from ourselves. But now it’s time to come out of hiding, doing the good work we feel called to do.

This is the Great Change we’re part of: awakening Feminine Soul and bringing life into balance. (How perfect as we approach Spring Equinox next week!)

It’s time to reclaim the privilege (and honor!) of calling ourselves Priestess, without fear of shame or persecution. The burning times are over.

Name and Claim Your Inner Priestess

It’s time to come out of from the safety of hiding to do our sacred work. Your birthright awaits.

We live in extraordinary times, with separation and fear causing epic levels of political divisiveness, environmental catastrophe, along with personal trauma and community tragedy.

As women, we’re gifted to steer towards wholeness and connection, which will heal the ills of our day. It’s our nature as Feminine Soul.

As priestesses we have the skills: to bear witness in suffering; to mark passages of birth, death and transitions of all kinds; to anoint and heal with our hands and words; to speak truth to power with compassion in edgy situations; to assuage grief and trauma (without rescuing.)

As an infinitely practical priestess (knowing that it’s not all about goddess garb) then how do you do this?

Heed your call. What’s your one thing to care about?

Where or when do you feel the nudge?

Go there, be that, do one small thing, even if it feels inconsequential—you never know who it helps or where it leads.

Priestess in Many Guises, Without Being Disguised

Start with owning the mantle of priestess. (“If the cape fits, wear it!”) Come out of hiding to yourself. Let others know who you really are—in a way that honors you, not some perfect goddess wannabe.

As women we are stronger together. We thrive when supported. And the best way I know to do that is in circles, either on-line or in-person.

Maybe wear goddess gear: robes, circlets and crystals, if you desire. (I’ll wear mine.) Totally optional, but there’s permission to come as your magical or mundane self.

These experiences are spaces to be heard, explore ideas and feelings that never get spoken, get creative, and be seen as our authentic selves. To feel loved and cared for in difficult times, and celebrated in our accomplishments. We get to BE in our soul essence!

Women’s temples are where you can practice who you want to be. And find Her when we lose touch.  Experiences of deep connection, soulful presence, embodied spiritual practices and exploring sacred mysteries, together, is the magic and the juice.

Find one that supports your full flourishing. The world is waiting,

P.S.   If this inspires you, join us on Equinox, March 22 for Temple Sophia at the Balch Hotel. There’s still a 2 for 1 offer to bring  a sister for free. See details below.  If you’re interested, but don’t live nearby let me know if you’re interested in either of these as virtual events. Hit reply and share feedback.

Deepen Connection to Your Feminine Power & Magic

An evening excursion into soul, Temple Sophia, is a sacred space to access your soul’s guidance & express your authentic self.

A women’s temple to explore your Sacred Feminine through an embodied spiritual connection with your inner priestess.

Enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, delicious conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions.

This Red Tent Circle is a place to remember your self and find your voice, to gain confidence and courage to go for your soul desires.

It’s March 22 (Spring Equinox!) at 6:30. And if you register ahead there’s a 2 for 1 special so you can bring a friend for free. (You also save $6!) You can see details and register  HERE


Turn Stress & Uncertainty Into Opportunity

If you’re going through a challenging transition in your life maybe you need a nurturing space to unwind, relax and reconnect.

Get connected to new perspectives that inspire hope and possibility.

Find what nourishes and inspires you, to remember your deeper yearnings. Experience joy from the simple pleasure of being in your body, in the moment.

Discover Tools and harness the clarity, confidence and courage for the next chapter of your life.

Join us for a weekend of soul nourishment and sisterhood at the Well&Being Retreat in May 4-6, at the award-winning Historic Balch Hotel.

It’s going to be fabulous. See details & register HERE


Want Something Sooner or Different?

If groups aren’t your thing, or you don’t want to wait, or you have a differnent idea in mind….I’ve also been doing some really deep, delicious  private retreat days with women. Experience an enchanted potent combination of exquisite spa sessions, and divinely channeled Magdalene inspired Soul Coaching.

These experiences, which can be customized for as low as $199 for a 2 session package, take you to that deeper edge and release the patterns that are blocking your magnificence. Discover if this is for you HERE.