It’s been an odd and rocky time lately. With all that’s going on in the world around us, it’s no surprise if you’re feeling it too. Truth telling and shadow revealing. Fiery and fierce.

In a way, it’s perfect: part of the rebalancing that’s happening in our world right now as we head into the Equinox—that time of balance between dark and light. New life bursting forth, the beginnings of something new emerging.

What’s being released in your life from this winter?
What wants to emerge in you this Spring?

And it’s an aspect Feminine Soul awakening and I’m seeing the priestess within being activated as we stand together powerfully as women. (like #MeToo and #Enough)

What arises in your when you see that word? Confusion? Anger? Excitement? Shame?

What Is A Priestess?

Maybe you don’t relate to the term, but to me the Priestess conveys spiritual power, leadership and authority of the Feminine. Like Mary and Mary Magdalene. Quan Yin, Athena & Eve.

The priestess been a sacred role of leadership in ancient days that’s become lost in recent eons.  With the rise of patriarchy the role of women became diminished. And we lost the priestess for centuries.

When I was in my late 20’s I was unexpectedly initiated as a Priestess. It was deeply powerful, alchemical process, which awakened an old memory. I was given the name Magdalena then (which I now know as a title as much as a name.)

For years I carried that title secretly, for fear of not wanting to be seen as too weird and outcast.  (My classic struggle, sound familiar?)

But since my trip to Avalon, and in light of current events, unveiling the priestess—and claiming our power and leadership as women—feels even more urgent.

No more pretending, hiding, playing small or shame.

I know that you may feel this inner urging. Even if you don’t resonate with the word, that’s the empowering work of feminism and women’s circles.

Last article, I wrote about the outer work of priestessing in the world today. (If you missed it, you can read that HERE.)

Exploring Sacred Mysteries Together Is The Magic & Juice

But another potent aspect is the inner transformation that happens when we come together: in temple, circle, red tent.

As an infinitely practical priestess, I know the power of ritual and goddess gear. There’s a hunger there—I get it. But what really creates transformation is experiencing the deep connection, soulful presence, embodied spiritual practices.

It’s how we connect. As women we are stronger together. We thrive when supported. In temple, we feel heard, explore ideas and feelings that never get spoken, get creative, and are seen as our authentic selves. We are loved and cared for in difficult times, and celebrated in our triumphs.

It’s a space to practice who we know and want ourselves to be. We get to BE in our soul essence! And find Her when we’ve lost touch.

There is a need for coming together in circles, as places where all are welcome.

The Spiritual And Political Are No Longer Separate

For some time now, as travel to various events, I’m noticing something. The faces that are absent. We seem limited. Lacking racial and cultural diversity.

The women’s spiritual community has received criticism lately by our sisters of color, as not being inclusive or diverse enough. That women’s circles are focused on empowerment of white middle-class women (which perhaps you are). And we’re missing our true sisterhood.

This is unconscious, yet our biases of privilege and position are hurtful.

How do we invite and engage our sisters of color to join us?

Deepen Your Walk

While living in a conservative community, even mentioning priestess has caused me concern and timidity. Yet, that’s how racism and oppression operate, too: covertly and unconsciously.

It’s time to get conscious of the gap and widen the circle to include sisters of color. As women we innately know how to be relational, compassionate and connected with all of life. (Even when we forget that we know this, it lives within us!)

We live in extraordinary times, when separation and polarity are creating epic levels of political divisiveness, environmental catastrophe, personal and community tragedy.

Women are poised to steer our communities towards wholeness and connection, which will heal the ills of our day.

We re-member the unbroken wholeness in the fabric of Life, knowing each part is connected with every other part. It is our nature in Feminine Soul.So this is a natural extension of our sacred work.

It’s time to come out of from the safety of our circle to do our sacred work!

It’s a deep walk to reclaim the priestess, (and feminism) without fear of shame or persecution. The burning times are over.

It’s time to empower a wider circle and extend our hands to sisters of color, and say, “Come, you’re welcome here. Truly.”

P.S.   If this inspires you, join us on Thursday March 22 to celebrate Equinox,  for Temple Sophia at the Balch Hotel. There’s still a 2 for 1 offer to bring  a sister for free. See details below.

If you’re interested, but don’t live nearby let me know if you’d like either of these as virtual events. Hit reply and share feedback.