I’ll admit it, this year started off strangely for me. After last year, maybe no surprise. (You too?)

I generally spend copious amounts of time reviewing my previous year (harvesting the blessings, insights and challenges) to guide  my intended direction going forward.

Yet for the longest time I had no inspiration or vision for this year: more on-line classes, virtual retreats, in person events? Nothing. For a creative-manifestor like me this was off.

So I did the obvious: rested, reflected and let it go. It was challenging at first, but as I ceased pushing and forcing, I also stopped worrying about my lack of “plan.”

Eventually, my energy and inspiration started to return. Ideas began flowing and new projects emerged. And then more (as you’ll see below.)

By releasing my habit of relying on my masculine skills (strategic planning and organization), I surrendered into the flow and essence of my feminine being. And saw what She wanted for me.

Activate Your Feminine Operating System

What I ended up developing may not look so different than what previously might have planned. But it feels like a radical departure, coming from a whole different place: a Feminine Operating System, based in pleasure and desire.

(Is that hard to imagine?)

The Feminine OS is based in being before doing: intuition, emotion and body-wisdom, based in connection with self, soul and Source. It feels relaxed, connected, sensuous and generative. By leaning in and listening to our inner inklings and innate body wisdom we start to tap into our Holy Desire. (Those things our soul secretly longs for but often ignore, avoid or talk ourselves out of.)

Maybe you have similar habits of overworking, pushing and trying too hard to make it all happen. And that’s not the right approach. We know this but have been so culturally conditioned to create in ways that are concrete and objective, and can kill our natural impulse towards what is really calling us.

We decide based on what we “should” do, thinking strategically rather than deeply listening to what’s trying to come through us. Of course, there’s a time and place for logical, calculated planning, but it can come at the cost to our Feminine Soul. And obscures divine timing, which harnesses the forces of the Universe into ease, grace and flow—so desirable, but so darned elusive!

Re-Wild Yourself & Tap Your Soul’s Holy Desire

It takes vigilance to re-wild ourselves and decolonize the internal messages of doing which patriarchy has instilled. It’s a fluid, iterative process.

This is where your own spiritual path comes in. Either using one of the 24 practices from The Magdalene Path, or others you’re drawn to, you come into deeper connection with your authentic truth and soul expression. And when you are out of alignment, how to get back in.

If that’s something you’re interested in exploring more deeply, consider a few luscious soul-soothing experiences I’m offering at the casually elegant Balch Hotel to help you re-align with your essence.

Bright Blessings as we turn towards Spring,




P.S.   I’m thrilled to announce 2 events!  Scroll down for more info.

Turn Stress & Uncertainty Into Opportunity

If you’re going through a challenging transition in your life maybe you need a nurturing space to unwind, relax and reconnect. Get connected to new perspectives that inspire hope and possibility.

Find what nourishes and inspires you, to remember your deeper yearnings. Experience joy from the simple pleasure of being in your body, in the moment. Discover Tools andharness the clarity, confidence and courage for the next chapter of your life.

Join us for a weekend of soul nourishment and sisterhood at the Well&Being Retreat in May 4-6, at the award-winning Historic Balch Hotel. It’s going to be fabulous. See details & register HERE


Deepen Connection to Your Feminine Power & Magic

For an evening excursion into soul, Temple Sophia, enter a sacred space to access your soul’s guidance & express your authentic self. A women’s temple to explore your Sacred Feminine through an embodied spiritual connection with your inner priestess.

This Red Tent Circle is a place to remember your self and find your voice, to gain confidence and courage to go for your soul desires. Enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, delicious conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions.

It’s March 22 (Spring Equinox!) at 6:30. And if you register ahead there’s a 2 for 1 special so you can bring a friend for free. (You also save $6!) You can see details and register  HERE

If groups aren’t your thing, or you don’t want to wait, I’ve also been doing some really deep, delicious  private retreat days with women–an enchanted combination of exquisite spa sessions, and divinely channeled Magdalene inspired Soul Coaching. These experiences, which can be customized for as low as $199 for a 2 session package, take you to that deeper edge and release the patterns that are blocking your magnificence. Discover if this is for you HERE.