Sweetheart, we’re living in a difficult moment. (You’ve noticed?) {eyeroll} In times like these, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, off-kilter and distracted.

Right now, we’re doing all we can some days just to stay afloat emotionally. (Right?)

In the face of all this, our personal passions, dreams and goals can seem trivial–and hard to access. Those creative projects, dreams and sparks of inspiration that we thought we’d have loads of time for (maybe at lovely writing retreat getaways)…are getting sidelined.

Do you have a book or other creative project that you can’t seem to find the time/space to get to? Maybe it’s a blog post you yearn to write or another creative expression that’s quietly stewing inside?

These are the longings of the deep heart, your soul’s whispers, yes?

Now is the moment when we most need to center in, and channel your ideas & images into your book or other creative expression.

    (BTW, I’m keeping this deliberately general as you may NOT have a book, but something else longing to be expressed. Maybe it’s a TED talk. A painting or screenplay to finish, a song to write.)

Yet (as you’ve probably noticed) the creative process is not always a skip in the park. Especially right now with so much changing daily in our world.

What was an inspired vision becomes dusty and vague.

You might even question it’s value and worth. Or that it can wait.

After writing and publishing The Magdalene Path (along with a Master’s thesis along with countless articles, posts, etc.) I know the stumbling blocks are many and varied.

Self doubt, fears and negative beliefs loiter at every turn. External barriers like needy loved ones, sick family members, work stressors become “really good excuses.” Not to mention planetary emergencies and social unrest.

Yet if we don’t move on our creative impulse, something dies inside. Some essential aspect of ourselves is unexpressed and repressed. That’s dangerous territory where illness and malaise lurks.

And the spark of inspiration CAN be extinguished–it won’t wait for your ideal time-frame. (Trust me.)

Find ways to work with, through and around all the glitches. Discover which ones that work for you.

For example, it was almost impossible for me to write and edit my book in the midst of daily life–I don’t know how others do it. Writing takes time and focus. So I created retreat space for myself–time out of my regular routine.

And with another book idea simmering, that’s what I go to again. Creating dedicated time for my muse allows me to catch the wave of the writer’s flow. It feels SO GOOD!

So let’s do it!

Express your inner vision onto the printed page or canvas. Just like you’ve dreamed of doing.

Are you a writer who hungers to,…

  • Unblock your intuition to have clarity about your book or creative project.
  • Find the time to get into a flow so that the ideas in your head come onto the page or canvas elegantly and smoothly.
  • Connect more deeply with your creative inspiration–see and hear your theme, story-line ideas, or characters’ authentic voices.
  • Find the ease, grace and flow of writing/creating from the inspired place that your creative idea came from.
  • Write from the soul of your book, hearing its voice and direction more clearly.

Last month I convene a virtual retreat space that was beyond my wildest expectations.

One participant said, “I feel like I witnessed something really extraordinary happen with a few of you.”

Everyone came away stoked to do it again, so here we are! And we want you to join us!

I’ve created a quarterly package so you can have this dedicated sacred writing/creating container monthly at a significant savings. Or come to one session and try it out.

Join us for an afternoon out of time away to allow your creative flow to happen.

Gather in a small writer’s circle to jump-start your writing process with author Claire Sierra. Maybe you want to join me.

Write Away Virtual Retreat is lightly structured with lots of time for writing and creating. With time for breaks, support, and self-care woven in.

We’ll create a sacred container, using simple practices to create a plan with intention, address the challenges, create a breakthrough and then get into some dedicated time writing!

Gather with a supportive circle of kindreds, for learning, exploring & sharing, With guided activities during offline time to deepen into writing.

Join me Friday, October 23 for a 3 hour Virtual Retreat (on & off Zoom)

Click the link for details and to register!

With great love for your dreams and visions becoming embodied through you, (as I know they want to),