We’re 10 days into Magdalene Month. Her feast day in the Roman Church is July 22, so I wanted to share and celebrate her wisdom, at a time when we need it most.

I even activated the Magdalene Path Sanctuary group on Facebook, as a place to gather and share quotes, practices and downloads. (Request membership & join us!)

Sweet soul, I see that right now, so many of us are navigating these big changes with courage, grace and poise. But it’s not easy, as we’re hit with waves of exhaustion, doubt, fear, fatigue, negativity. Ay Caramba!

So much inner work, and self-care is needed to clear the old patterns that are emerging, to remain on an even and groovy keel.

Find Compassion and Maintain Hope

It’s a constant practice to keep an open heart and fuller perspective; to be present to the initiation we are all walking through, personally and collectively.

We need practices and perspectives, as reminders of the deeper truth (the one not named in mainstream media.) And spaces where we can gather in Sanctuary, to soothe and balance our weary nervous systems.

So all during July, I’m featuring The Magdalene Path by sharing excerpts and doing LIVE readings on Instagram and Magdalene Path Facebook biz pages, my personal timeline and in the Magdalene Path Sanctuary group.

We started with tidbits of Her untold story, revealing the Truth of who she was. Then pivoting into her teachings (the ones NOT shared by the Catholic Church) and practices can be an alchemical portal into new ways of being, so needed right now.

But Wait, There’s More?

But there’s one practice not in the book that’s been my mainstay through these tumultuous times. And I want to share it with you.

It’s something very old, with a new twist, that’s surprisingly relevant now as we anchor into our deep selves in the midst of global upheaval.

If you’re walking a priestess path, intrigued by Mary Magdalene, the awakening of the Divine Feminine and the Sisterhood of the Rose–I think you’ll resonate.

I Was Blessed To Receive

I awoke knowing a different version of the Hail Mary, devoted to Magdalene. Then in meditation The New Magdalene Rosary was fully received.

There’s something about this repetitive prayer that is powerful; the depth and stillness that can be accessed by recitation. I’ve experienced sweet states of bliss, with altered brain states and potent vibrational shifts.

Prayer is known to have positive powerful impact on our mind, heart and emotions—it’s as old as time and well researched.

I’m delighted to share something that feels completely aligned, relevant, deeply embodied and connected with Magdalene’s energy. An experiential, direct-access connection with Divine that’s a Feminine Soul path.

I’ve taught The New Magdalene Rosary to circles of women.

The Feedback Blew Me Away:

Claire’s guidance and invitation to connect with Mary Magdalene, the Path of the Rose, and the Way of Love left me feeling deeply rooted to my feminine energy. I noticed greater clarity and focus throughout the rest of the day and into the following day too! My heart is full and I’m so grateful for the experience and teaching. Namaste, Claire.” –Jenna S, Pinckney, MI

“…Most importantly, Claire is offering a way of integrating what for some is a deeply internalized tradition with a wholly contemporary connection to the Empowered Feminine in the form of a new daily practice. Claire created a lovely egalitarian space of connection and participation within the group that felt like the embodiment of the Feminine Way. The whole experience felt like a loving, soothing blessing.” –Tomar L, NY, NY

Claire, this is a brilliant piece of work. So, this re-write was a welcome addition to my personal spiritual life. Thank you for your devotion to Her which brings in such meaningful insights. “ –Savana R., San Luis Obispo, CA

Your New Magdalene Rosary was a beautiful experience. I felt myself greatly slow down and able to take in the goodness and nourishment. You held a space for us where I could receive the gentle beauty and grace of the words, repetition, and the perspectives of the circle-sharing. I am entranced by the Magdalene and the way you share her wisdom.” –Bobbye M, Placitas, NM

Join Me?

So, beloved, I’m inviting you gather for a Virtual Soul Salon, on Wednesday July 22.

It’s the Feast Day of Magdalene (in the Roman Church), so it’s a perfect day to gather and experience her energy, as it moves in us today.

Like most events these days, it’s on-line, using Zoom. It’s a high quality virtual experience, a mini-retreat, not a “free” sales webinar, so there’s a small fee.

You can read more and sign up here. You’ll receive the replay a day or two after the event. (We’re not high-tech autopilots here.) And you receive the PDF handout of the New Magdalene Rosary prayer, to use in your own practice.

Praying the New Magdalene Rosary is tremendously soothing and powerfully realigning. Embodying. Delicious. I hope you join us, it’ll be fun. DETAILS BELOW

Breathing a big smile from my heart to yours as I share this.
On Goddess’ wings,

P.S. Gather with me for a virtual temple experience–online using Zoom. Learn and explore the New Magdalene Rosary in a sacred virtual space for women awakening their Feminine Soul (men are welcome too.)

Explore your Divine Feminine through an embodied spiritual connection.

During this 90 minute virtual Soul Salon, you’ll enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, delicious conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions.

  • Discover a Divine Feminine Spiritual Practice that soothes & calms your nervous system.
  • Create inner alignment to access ease, grace, and flow.
  • Deepen your Feminine Soul through an spiritual connection with Mary Magdalene.
  • Recharge using simple ritual in a supportive circle–feel a sense of belonging and connection with other like-minded women. (And maybe a few awesome men.)
  • Receive the New Magdalene Rosary Handout to use during the session. Take into your Soul Care Practice at your temple home, afterward.

Gather on July 22 (Feast Day of Mary Magdalene)

at 11 am PT | 2 pm ET | 8 pm CEST

90 minutes via Zoom Teleconferencing.

If you can’t make it live, register anyway and you’ll get the recording.

Details and Registration Here

Guided by Claire Sierra, MA, Soul Coach, Spa/Wellness Priestess, Expressive Arts Therapist, Retreat Leader, Balch Hotel co-owner and author of The Magdalene Path.