It’s been a struggle lately. Moments of beauty, joy and gratitude flanked by bad news, roiling emotions, & worrisome thoughts. How do we bear it?

There are no platitudes, no spiritual bypass to endure this stretch, this ache in the heart of humanity.

So much feels so old, decaying,  with expired use-by dates.

As this old paradigm is dying, out dated parts of our lives are coming back for review and reclamation. Hard stuff.

Even though we want the better version our lives, change is challenging.

And the Dalai Lama famously quoted, “The world will be saved by western women.”  And some days I feel up to the task. But then there are others, when I wonder…  who, how, when…

Gracefully, I witness inspired hope everyday. Yearning. Stretching. Praying. And Believing. The voice and vision of the Magdalene as a guiding light.  And yet, still.

So many of the imbalances in the world today wouldn’t exist if women were fully empowered. Keep it up sister, that’s all I can say.

If you’re in the trough of the wave, I’ll offer this: some days are better than others, and this too shall pass.

Remember your Soul Truth, sweetheart. Find your sisterhood. Create places of beauty and repose. Remember your beauty and  intuitive brilliance. Tend to your essence and creative spark.

Our weary souls need it now, as we transit this big long portal (So. F’ing. Long!) of cultural repair.

You’re doing great. It’s all part of the journey. You can do this.

Unplug your inner conformist and tap your inner genie (as genius): Feminine Soul.  Remember to connect with your higher guidance, hear the voice of Spirit. Know yourself as Divine. (When this become embodied, the magic you create is that powerful!)

Re-wild yourself. We are here for the awakening of Feminine, to restore balance and harmony to the planet. Seed the new earth that our hearts know is possible.

Sounds like bliss, huh? Find that field; I’ll meet you there.

Solstice is soon and Rosary is monthly…could be that place?