This time of year I’m always drawn to Guadalupe–the Goddess of the Americas, in disguise (barely!)–Her holy day in the Catholic church is soon. But it’s taken me a while to figure out why.

Do you know Her story? It’s a good one! (And most of the best parts get left out!)

Here’s the super short version:

Juan Diego, a native man, was on his way to town when a woman appeared bathed in light. It was a hard time, his culture was under siege. The Spanish had come and were wreaking havoc everywhere. He was not looking to see a goddess.

She called to him, offering him blessings and requesting she be honored at that spot. (This place not so coincidentally “just happened” to be a ruined goddess temple site. You won’t read that in the mainstream tale.)

He was understandably flummoxed.

Reluctantly Juan went to the bishop as asked. (When goddess appears, best to do as requested, right? Not that he had to…)

The local bishop was not impressed… But after 2 more appearances She manifested him a bushel of Spanish roses…in bloom, in Mexico, in December! And to seal the deal, there was a printed image of Her on the inside of his cape. (In the 1500s, way before photography.) Crazy.

The coolest part? The image on the cloak (now on display in the Basilica near Mexico City), has not faded a bit. It mystifies archeologists and art historians who, despite complex scientific and molecular scanning, cannot figure out how this image was created. (Magic?)

There’s more to this story, needless to say, (which we’ll explore later), but millions each year visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica. (It’s the second most visited pilgrimage site in the Christian world.) It’s a place of magic and miracles of the Divine Mother.

Someday I hope to see it myself. (Want to join me?) But until then, we can explore together. (I’ve got an idea!)

As the systems and structures that we’ve come to rely on break down, we’ll need to hold our own visionary capacity for what’s possible as a society.

In times of challenge or change, how do you do this for yourself?

Find hidden meaning that sparks and uplifts you. Dive into the Guadalupe of your soul, the Divine Feminine hiding in plain sight. Discover the messages and blessings she has for you in this holy season of Light. Awaken your creative and intuitive capacities to replenish and remain balanced.

Find tools, practices and communities that allow you to remain grounded, open and aligned as you transit the new earth that’s gestating.

Prioritizing your own well-being isn’t selfish, it’s life sustaining in these strange and stressful times. Fill your well first, goddess… and the rest takes care of itself.

Be the light, sweetheart; if you don’t who will?




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Now more than ever our creativity and spiritual connection matters.

Guadalupe Soul: Sacred Art Retreat

Tap Your Feminine Soul Creativity

Embrace your Divine Feminine within, gathered in a virtual circle to create your own sacred art. Explore the myth and meaning of Guadalupe in art, prayer, and meditation.

Paint/draw Lady of Guadalupe (similar to images here or another goddess of your choosing) that’s all your own, led by Claire, an experienced arts therapist, No experience necessary!

Reconnect with your creativity, tap into your intuition, awaken your Feminine Soul light, at this darkest time of year.

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Sunday, December 12 via Zoom
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Soul ReConnection Temple

Pray the Magdalene Rosary

Let’s walk together the Path of the Rose, sister (or bro)! Reconnect with Divine Feminine presence through Mary Magdalene and the new Rosary.

Not your traditional rosary, but a deep dive into a power prayer practice. An ancient temple practice revised for modern everyday priestessing.

Pray The Magdalene Rosary monthly on the 22nd (Magdalene’s number!)

Wednesday December 22, 12 Noon Pacific
(3 pm Eastern/9 pm Europa )

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