You might not know we’re at the High Holy Day Imbolc (in the Celtic earth spirit tradition) that’s between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. I’m happy it’s here for a few reasons.

We’re seeing the lengthen of days, the light is returning. We turn the wheel of the year in 2019.

How’s that going for you so far?

Often the New Year inspires new intentions and resolutions. But for many of us it’s just too early, we’re not ready yet, still in the fallow time in the dark of winter.

Now that shifts, and we start to see like the early buds and blooms. The cycle of creativity is returning.

Are you noticing this arising in you?

I’m starting to see, feel and express the visions that have been germinating in winter’s quiet. Not that there’s total clarity, but visions and sparks starting to be revealed.

I’ve got an idea to channel this energetic shift with you. (Read on below.)

Often times I like to create Vision Map for my year. This January felt far too soon.

But now it’s shifting, peeking onto the horizon. Are you ready too?

Feel the flame of the early sparks of spring—early shafts of light that appear, with golden glow to the darkness. Become illuminated in early light.

See yourself in the deep dark of the cauldron of winter and that light is starting to peek in.

Who is tending the holy flame of your being, as it ignites?

Traditionally the Celtic goddess-turned Christian saint, Bridget appears. She’s the keeper of the eternal flame, which warms and ignites our heart. The light of regeneration and rebirth. 

Perfect timing, we’re ready.

She offers the flame of light and life to you…into your heart. Allow her to ignite the flame you have been tending, to aid all you’ve been carrying alone.

She anoints and initiates you as the sacred vessel of your life.

Alchemize that which is being asked to be birthed through you. 

Allow it to warm your being, slowly, gently. Wake up the visions and messages that have been in deep sleep. Awaken sister.

Receive the signals to awaken to new life, ideas and possibilities for you this year. Beauty, power, grace, abundance.

Are you willing to be the vessel for whatever is seeking to express through you?

Receive this tiny spark. Tend and allow it.

Reawaken from the deep dark womb of winter. Receive the light and blessings that are now beginning to flow to and through you.

What is beginning to germinate in you?

Is there a vision is starting to unfurl itself in your life?

I’m feeling the call to step more boldly into tending the temple of the Balch Hotel–as the priestess I’ve known myself to be for so long (yet kept in hiding–did I fool you? 😉 )

To support our shared germination, let’s gather for a day retreat in 2 weeks on February 17. Join a circle of like-minded spiritual women and immerse yourself to fully receive the visions and dreams that are here for you in 2019.

If you’re ready to receive and Manifest Your Calling in 2019, this will be a powerful day retreat for you. Check out the details here.

Our presence as divine feminine creators is needed now more than ever, and there’s no need or reason to wait in bringing the magic of you forward.

Get clear on the blessings that are waiting to bloom.

Let’s not wait, sister

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