In the pre-Christian traditions of Europe, this time of year was always honored as the season of harvest and gratitude. In the ancient Celtic calendar,  we first had Samhain (pronounced Saw-when…go figure.)

This festival got repurposed as Hallowe’en along with All Souls and All Saints days in the Christian tradition.  It’s  time known for the veils to the spirit world being thinnest. (Why else would people dress like ghosts, goblins and witches?)

Our desire to meditate and be quiet grows after a long season of summer. Feelings and intuitions rise.

After the harvest, the fields are fallow. Not much happening, and that’s okay. Living on the edge of vast farmland this all makes much sense.

It’s a time to look at what has happened, harvesting the blessings and release what didn’t work out. A moment to look at what (or who) has passed, in preparation and anticipation of what is coming ahead. (Namely: WINTER!)

We’re getting ready to go deep.

Thanksgiving, that holiday of Gratitude comes up right after, as a soul balm to the release and surrender that this season so often brings. And a celebration of harvest and plenty.

I’m feeling the pull into of this season. Letting go of plans and projects,  that didn’t quite work out. Lots of them. Releasing dreams and visions even, in service to a bigger possibility.

To create space for what might be looking to manifest instead!

It’s fallow time to reflect and digest.  There is much being sorted & released up into this vision. The fallow time is how I’m listening, as this new/old direction is taking shape.  (So much so that I don’t even have a webpage to point you to yet…argh!)

For example, after several synchonicities, I’ve decided to re-start my  in person counseling practice–something I’ve considered since moving to the Gorge.

I’m returning to my core gifts as an art therapist helping women who are lost and confused–often times dealing with anxiety, depression, and insomnia–to find meaning, direction and purpose. So they feel good again!

This  might be a big shift, it might not. It taps the skills and yearnings  for soul clarity, whether in person and virtually. It’s still shaping itself. Not yet ripe.

It’s not time yet to know.

(But if you’re curious, check out some new spa + counseling combo packages I just created for the Balch HotelI’ll be updating this ASAP.)

OR Scroll down.

So as the leaves fall and we turn to cozy sweaters and warm mugs of tea, some questions to ponder and journal. (Remember to ask for input from your higher guidance!)

What have you harvested this year up to now?

Receive all the blessings as well as the blunders.

What are you letting go of? 

Maybe it’s a project that didn’t work as planned, or a relationship that’s no longer healthy. Maybe its a way of thinking or feeling that’s getting in your way. It could be  something (or someone!) you loved.

Hold it all with compassion, appreciation and gratitude for the gifts received & lessons learned. Trust that they’re big. (‘Cause you are.)

Then find a way to release, like the autumn wind blowing leaves across your yard.

Be in a space of empty presence, avoid filling the void this process naturally takes.

Know that we’ll be in this part of the cycle for the next 4 weeks until Solstice. So no rush, but don’t avoid it either!

I have something to share for Solstice and Virgen Guadalupe, but let’s talk about that another time.

I’m headed for retreat. More upon return.

Take a breath as you dive deep sister,



*P.S. This is a trying time for many, if your old challenges are rearing up again, perhaps you’re ready for counseling and spa treatments bundled to address your particular concern. I offer private, virtual and in-person experiences. Discover if one’s right for you If you’re looking for that, talk to me.

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Bliss Breakthrough Mini-Retreat Packages

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  • Begin by selecting your Organic artisan tea or coffee to sip during your counseling session.
  • Then receive a delicious spa treatment to integrate and embody your shifts.
  • Receive an essential oil blend, guided meditation &/or practice kit to take home & support you.
  • Finish with a plan and clear path going forward.

2 ½-3  hours   $295   

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Deep Rest – Overcoming Insomnia

Is sleep a struggle? Avoid tossing and turning uncomfortably; enjoy deep rest at the Balch (and beyond.) Rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.

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Beat the Blues ~ Depression Relief

Explore and release underlying patterns that keep you feeling stuck, sad & uninspired. Discover tools that shift you into hope, joy and possibility.

Includes: Art therapy, Gem Reiki spa treatment and essential oil blend to uplift and inspire your soul’s highest potential.

Eliminate Anxiety ~ Just Breathe

End excessive worry, stress and anxiety that steal your well-being. Discover simple tools to reset from habitual patterns of stress. Relax and allow your best self to shine.

This package includes soul coaching to explore the underlying pattern that keeps worry in motion, anxiety reduction plan, AromaTouch Body Treatment spa session, guided meditation & Essential oil blend for relaxation and stress-relief.

Clear Confusion ~Embody Soul Calling

Get clarity about life challenges, release blocks and align with your soul’s calling.

This package includes soul coaching or art therapy for clear guidance about what’s next for you, AromaTouch Body Treatment & Essential oil blended to aid in embodying this wisdom, & purpose plan for next steps.


These experiences, are customized for as low as $295 for a 2 session package andtake you to that deeper edge and release the patterns that are blocking your magnificence.

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Lunch or Dinner also available with advance reservation. Inquire about this or combining packages for a full or multi-day solo or partner experience.

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