For many of us the New Year tradition of making new spiffy plans and resolutions often just doesn’t work. It’s too soon– we’re not ready yet–in the fallow of winter.


Often times I like to create Vision Map for my year. This January felt far too early. But now that energy shifts, and we start to feel the new year cycle of creativity returning.


Are you noticing this in you?


If you’re hungry to see, feel and express the visions that have been germinating in winter’s quiet, I’ve got an idea to manifest them more easily.


Is there a vision is starting to unfurl itself in your life?


Wake up the visions and messages that have been in deep sleep, sister.


Receive the signals to awaken to new life, ideas and possibilities for you this year, using the magic of meditation, writing and art. Access beauty, power, grace, abundance.


Reawaken from the deep dark womb of winter. Receive the light and blessings that are now beginning to flow to and through you.


To support this germination, let’s gather for a day retreat in 2 weeks. Join a circle of like-minded spiritual women and immerse yourself to fully receive the visions and dreams that are here for you in 2019.


If you’re ready to Manifest Your Calling in 2019, this will be a powerful day retreat for you: Sunday February 17.


Our presence as divine feminine creators is needed now more than ever, sweetheart, and there’s no reason to wait to bring the magic of you forward.


Get clear on the blessings that are waiting to bloom this year.


Let’s do this now, sister,









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