I don’t usually write on the weekends but I woke up with morning inspired about something that’s near to my heart. For weeks I’ve felt called to share with you something that’s rocked my world.

I’ll admit, the process of getting to this moment has been slippery with change.

If you’ve found this year to be a roller coaster or emotions, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve even plummeted into a dark night of the soul. Maybe you’ve soared and thrived.

Or, a little of both.

The way I see it, when life gets so over the top, (like it is is lately) our usual coping skills may not work. The personal challenges, on top of big social, political, environmental and cultural upsets creates a big pile up.

But it’s the clearest path to a big shift in consciousness. We’ve all had a powerful wake up call, a re-orienting to what matters most. And it’s still being revealed.

From my lensing, the Sacred Feminine is waking up and She is shaking things loose that need remedying.

And you are part of that solution. Even if you don’t know how yet.

Amazingly—and quite fortuitously, we’re heading into a month that has starry blessings all over it. .

This Is Happening FOR You, Not TO You

We are edging ourselves into greater wholeness, alignment and love. (And my, aren’t we are getting so much practice this year?!)

It can sometimes look/feel like chaos. That natural process of reordering isn’t always easy. See what your soul is pointing (or dragging) you towards.

Lean in…Find supports to help you clarify, align and act. Have tools, skills and resources at the ready.

Deepen your Divine Connection—there’s an infinite amount of love and support for you for the asking. Find what works for you and lean in.

Activate your Divine Feminine allies. Be it Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman… Find your soul lineage. Ask for their guidance, salves, healing.

To support you, I have a free offering (heart contributions graciously welcomed) that I’m so excited to share… starts this Friday! And spans the portals of Solstice–which has astrologers hailing it as The Great Conjunction (more on that next time,) Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Day (Read on below.)

Change is happening. let’s do this together, sister (brother),

Praying the Mystic Rosary

If you’re looking for a deeper spiritual replenishment and Divine Feminine connection, join me on a free journey into the Rosary.

Explore the traditional and mystical in an experiential journey into this power prayer practice. Discover contemporary aspects of this ancient practice and make it your own.

We’ll weave the deepening mysteries of Mother Mary, Magdalene and Sophia. Spanning the astrological and esoteric portals of Solstice, Christmas, and the New Year. (Including Full and New Moons, Eclipse and Great Solstice Conjunction…woo-hoo!)

Five sessions, starting with Our Lady of Guadalupe on her holy day, December 12, then: 12/21, 24 and 31 and 1/1).

Each day will be under 1 hour (usually 30-40 minutes). You’re not required to attend all 5 gatherings–Come when you can. Replays will be provided.

It’s free via Zoom (heart gift donations accepted to support this temple gathering.) See details and register here.

Then later this month another cool idea or 2….stay tuned on the blog