I love this quiet reflective season. During these waning days of the year, I love to do a really thorough annual review. I’ve found over time that it’s SO helpful to see the year with a fuller perspective, so the lens is not my memory of the last few months. (I’m always shocked by the goodness that happened, in July or last March for example.)

What I’m noticing this year is that despite our best intentions and efforts, things have not gone “back to normal” and seem to be highly chaotic still. We are not over this process that Gaia/Earth mother has put on our path.

Our own personal challenges are creeping in, against the backdrop of the collective trauma of losing the life we once thought was a given. The stressors continue over time without much completion.

And what I’m experiencing seeing this season…is the blessing of the pause.

What are you noticing?

Coming into the still point of dark and light. Poised to turn towards a new year. Seeing what does not need to be carried over the threshold into 2022.

So I’m wondering about you: your life and year. In this deep, dark dive of Winter Solstice at the New Year—as we turn the wheel of the year once again…

What is aching to be released?

As we spark the light of a new cycle—welcoming the light of longer days in the Northern Hemisphere.

What seeds or sparks are being planted (which you may not even have names for now.) What’s your intuitive sense?