Since returning from pilgrimage to the south of France, where I’ve reconnected with the deeper heart, soul and mystery that underlies The Magdalene Path. (I’m getting ready to share more details soon.)

I’m writing lots and feeling creative bursts. I’ve been clearing out my studio; rediscovering old art motifs and finding new ones.

A creative urge is moving through me. Slow and quiet but insistent.

Are you  feeling it too?

As we realize the damage done by operating in hyper-masculine mode–the only path to achieve success in our culture–our Feminine Soul, and all it’s juicy sensuality and creativity revives.

Like a dormant spring renewed.

Creating beauty is an act of Feminine Soul. As your soul self revives, you might long for more free and creative expression.  Painting  together is a fun, relaxing option, that’s simple and approachable.  Easy, flowing, light and fun.

While some of my other experiences are more healing and ritual based, this is pure joy– a teeny bit of theory then skills and empowerment. So you express your fullest creative spirit self.

Paint with us in a casual, supportive, lively-yet-mellow environment. There’s great wine, yummy noshies and a fabulous view. Creating together untangles the mind and soothes the spirit.

As an art therapist and creative,  I know how creativity waxes and wanes. There’s healing power in the arts. I can show you ways to unlock this in you. (even if you think you have no “talent.” Phewh!!)

Registration is open, so why wait, jump in. (Scroll down to register. It’s easy.)

Express your Creative Spirit, it’s rejuvenating!