Since my pilgrimage to the south of France, I’ve been marinating in deeper aspects of The Magdalene Path. It was powerfully life altering.

I’ve been inspired to shift my retreat in November to unveil these deeper mysteries.  I’ll share more in a bit, but if you’re curious go HERE.

One thing that’s so compelling in France is that she’s present everywhere–if you know how to look.

Prior to 1200 all the Notre Dame churches were dedicated to her. Even now she’s in niches, stained glass windows, side chapels, paintings, and main altars.

After the ordeal of Yeshua (in Aramaic, or  Jesus in Greek) Magdalene left Israel for southern France, where I just spent 11 days. (you can read more about her journey in The Magdalene Path.)

She traveled the region with priestesses and healers, teaching The Way of Love that began with Yeshua. What is notable is that she was always in community.

She didn’t do it alone.

Many of us now hunger for this kind of connection with soul and sisters, which is why I created Sisterhood Supper, a bi-monthly open dinner party for women at the Balch Hotel.

You join our big table, order food and wine and enjoy curated conversation that matters. We laugh, cry and share what’s moving in our lives and hearts. You can read more details HERE. Next one is this Thursday August 16.

Though the fires are out, their impact is still felt. We may share how the fires impacted us; how we cope with stress and crisis. What gems are emerging from the ashes?  And what this element is trying to teach us right now?  These questions are relevant even if the Dufur fires have not touched you!!  OR we might discuss something entirely different–you never know!

You coming? Join us.

As we attempt to make sense of unexpected challenges, we bring life back into balance, together.

Bright Blessings!



P.S.  If this isn’t your gig, maybe a dose of creativity would be.Creative Spirits on August 22 at Jacob Williams Winery.  Scroll down for details about this and other upcoming Soul Nourishment.

I’m planning a virtual temple and online workshops this fall. If that’s of interest, email back what days, times and topics are good for you.

And Virtual Book Club IS coming, stay tuned!