Last month I shared an excerpt from the book I am writing, The Magdalene Way, about “Opening Your Godline”, a practice I have been using with clients to access their divine connection with Source.

I used this (and many other tools) at the Awaken Sleeping Beauty-Divine Feminine Retreat a few weeks later. I am thrilled at the depth of experience and shifts women are reporting from that encounter.

The connections were synchronistic and profound, the conversation was deep and delicious, with new distinctions bubbling up in our shared exploration of the Divine as Feminine.

I am reminded of what it feels like when we are in the “sweet spot”of our purpose. YES! I am in awe of the privilege of creating the space where your Feminine Spirit can emerge!

Recently I had an delicious experience receiving rejuvenation and connection to Source, at a Oneness Blessing Initiation Retreat (aka Deeksha). I also thought this Blessing would be a nice offering to my clients.

What I did not expect was how powerful this Oneness Blessing experience is. I found it to have profound and lasting shift to my mental state. My left-brain, analytical, masculine, driver self went off-line for a remarkable amount of time.

I’m finding that it continues to shift and realign with a more spacious, intuitive, connected and loving essence inside of me. I find I have access to this feeling of Grace, whenever I choose to go there. And synchronistically, I found it in perfect alignment with my experience of the emerging feminine soul.

So, in early and mid June I will be offering this experience twice with 2 other amazing women. (see below for more details.) It’s a delicious dive into the divine. I hope you join me.

Enjoy your rapture in the grace that surrounds us already,