An excerpt from the book I’m working on, Awakening the Divine Feminine-The Magdalene Way

I awoke with a new concept: the “GodLine”. I take this to  my morning meditation and connect with Mary Magdalene.

Magdalene says: Rather like a phone line between you and God, the God Line is the string of light that connects you to spirit in god/goddess form.

You have known that your blessing is to awaken connection to the Divine for others, yet you have not known how exactly this is achieved.

So your job, as a “teacher of God”, is to help people make that connection consciously themselves so that they feel relaxed, alert and aware of it while it is occurring.

This glowing cord of light connects each of you to the divine. It is what gets severed at the moment of death to discontinue life energy flowing to you.

Some of you have a larger more intentional God Line than others. For some it is a narrow, tattered string. You can never tell when looking at someone what the state of their God Line is.

There are those you would never suspect who have a thick, juicy well informed line and you might think they are heathen, selfish, greedy bastards (pardon our crudeness).

The awareness of and relationship to the God Line is one of the tools that you teach. You show people the way, literally, to connect to God, and this can be done in a variety of manners: prayer, meditation, intention/request.

There are many forms these basic methods take: guided visualization, art, exercise, time in nature, yoga, chanting, and music.

What you may notice in all of these is some degree of activity or intention is required. These are all creative outlets.

There is no passive connection to the God line, though there can be an unconscious one. This is most obvious in those without spiritual inclination who are still are living, breathing life forms.

GodLine Process

The method is quite simple:

1. Relax into the breath: this connects one to Self.

2. From this place, you become grounded and centered, which is important for clear connection to God.

Since you are a piece of God, you must be in alignment with yourself in order to connect to God (this word can be used interchangeably with Source, Spirit, All That Is, Oneness, Christ, Goddess, etc)

3. Next, release pain, frustration, toxins of any kind: Physical, mental or emotional. Release them down your feet into the Earth mother, who can purify and regenerate this energy.  This enhances presence and relaxed connection with Soul Self.

4. Develop an awareness of your God Line. Allow your attention to go to top of your head, also known at the crown chakra. See, feel or sense this opening, spinning like a camera lens aperture or unfolding like a flower.

(Alternatively, some feel this connection best by opening though the heart chakra in the middle of the chest. That is fine too.)

See, feel or sense a line or tube of light flowing from the heavens into your head or heart. This may be a thin, fine string, or it may be a large, thick pipe. Or something else. It glows, softly or brilliantly, with golden or silvery light; a refined and brilliant color that can be difficult to describe.

6. Take this light into the body, filling the vessel of your body like a jar, vase or basket. Notice any places where the light may be oozing or leaking out, and create a patch with that same light. Notice as you do that the light in the vessel begins to grow and brighten, like you are filling a container (though it may not be from bottom up).

Allow yourself to receive and contain this light. Send the light to areas of the body that need nourishment and healing. Notice how it goes to areas that are hurt or ill. Allow the vessel of the body to absorb this like a dry sponge in the parched desert.

7. After several minutes, give thanks. Take a moment before you go about your day. You do not need to sever this connection (it is always there) but your awareness shifts and you can open your eyes.

8. You can also practice feeling the God Line with eyes open, filling the vessel as throughout your day’s activities. Notice times when your energy is low or you feel angered or frustrated and see if doing this creates more energy or a better more enhanced mood. Likely it will.