For some time I have been guided to live from the place that we are living in Heaven on Planet Earth (HOPE, get it?) . With all The Rapture talk this past week, I really noticed how I could embody this feeling of the Divine in life everyday.

When I woke up Sunday morning (“still here”), I decided: The Rapture has begun. H.O.P.E. now.

Why wait to get sucked up to heaven in order to feel joy and bliss? We are already here in heaven, and we just need to see it this way, to begin to make it so!

We can connect to our divine essence at any moment, in any place or time. We just need to remember to do so. Using the Opening Your Godline Process, activate the cord of light that connects you to the Divine- whoever/whatever you envision this to be.

Allow this light to flow into and through you. Awaken your connection as a divine being and live your life as if this were so. We don’t need to wait, watch the magic show up.

When we remember how divine and connected we truly are, our lives become filled with blessings of love, moments grace and experiences of joy.