One thing I know, is that history is written by the winners.*  And as I’ve studied religion (which is highly political), especially.

And yet we each have the capacity to touch the deeper Truths, through our heart and soul. It’s imperative, to find our own way, apart from the maddening crowd.

The practices I use guided me to write The Magdalene Path—and to make daily decisions about my work and life. (I honestly don’t know how people function without this guidance, it brings such clarity and solace. )

I’ve long had a deep affection for Our Lady Guadalupe, “the patron saint (and only Marian apparition) of the Americas”.

This time of year I often feel drawn to her. I’m getting nudges to go deeper with her, that her real message is being missed. And this time, I’m seeing more.

And her holy-day of celebration is coming up, tomorrow, which is why I’m writing you today. (With a no-cost invite to something next week.)

I’ve been dropping into the deeper Truth about Guadalupe, pondering her as an appearance by Mary. I know that’s the common understanding but parts of it don’t add up.

I think we’re missing some big bits.

One that troubles me is knowing that historically, art is embedded with messages. Before cultures were literate paintings were teaching tools, using color and symbolism in code to those who couldn’t read.

It’s not coincidental.

And that’s why Guadalupe stumps me. She’s not portrayed like a Madonna, in the color of her robes. (Mother Mary is in blue and white.) She’s in red and green—the colors of Mary Magdalene. She’s also surrounded by roses, another Magdalene symbol.

Now, I don’t know if Lady Guadalupe was really a Magdalene appearance, but she’s not the Mother Mary.

Why does this matter?

Lady Guadalupe, like Magdalene, is another earthy, sensual, strong, spiritual guide, who’s message was co-opted by the ruling elite. She was whitewashed to fit a story that fed power and control over the indigenous people. She was exchanged for a nice, sweet, kind, compliant, gentle model—the good girl.

We lost the robust, heart-full, embodied, goddess self. We silence the voice of compassionate spiritual leadership (which we need in the world today!)

She’s a goddess of the Americas, a Sister of the Rose, hiding in plain sight, appear right during the holidays, year-end completion and wisdom around Winter Solstice.

Do you know her story?

She appeared to a middle-class merchant (not a poor native, as often portrayed) on his way to mass. She appeared from nowhere asked the impossible: insistent that a temple be built in her honor. (Okay, sure, they called it a Cathedral. Who knows what she really said–see* above.)

She came to him THREE times, (once he was with a sick family member, who saw her and was healed.) before he finally relented and met with the bishop. (An impossible request.)

At their meeting, his cape was filled with roses! (in Mexico! In December! In the 1500’s—really?!)

And get this…her image–the one you see everywhere–was cosmically printed on his clothing! (Art historians still can’t figure this out. You can still see the original in Mexico.)

Juan Diego received a clear direct message about his purpose and said, “No way, lady.” She was not going to take no for an answer. After 3 times, he finally relented.

Often when we say no to a calling we get depressed, anxious, lost, adrift. But we can’t figure out why!

Has this ever happened to you?

I have. I prayed for messages about my purpose for years. And each time I was told to awaken the Divine Feminine through Magdalene. No way, I thought (too hard, to weird, too scary, too fringe!) I resisted.

Finally, I surrendered and said yes. I didn’t get a bushel of roses, but the angst and confusion were lifted.

When we resist: pain and heartache. When we say yes, a new path appears.

How many times do you need to get messages about a calling before you act on them?

Sitting with these new revelations about Guadalupe, I sense there’s even more. I’m feeling called to go deeper.

Want to connect with her and discover more? I imagine she has more to teach us. Let’s ask!

I thought I’d gather us live on Facebook for a Virtual Rose Temple on December 17.

Join me to deepen into the magic of Light at Solstice and the messages from Guadalupe as goddess. Bring a journal, a cup of tea or wine, and a candle to light—if you desire.

You can read more about the event here.

And great news! You don’t need to register and there’s no fee!

We’ll meet virtually on Facebook LIVE.  At the time of the event just go to the Magdalene Path Facebook Page HERE.

Can’t attend live? No worries the replay will be pinned to the top of the Magdalene Path Facebook page until the next virtual event.

In sisterhood,