As we sit at the Summer Solstice I’m feeling blessed, after co-leading a delicious ritual workshop, so I wanted to share some Soul food from The Magdalene Path that might be relevant for you right now. I’ve got a super special announcement–look for that in a day or two.

Until then, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3, The Path of The Divine Feminine, and a Practice to take it into your life.

Great Loss

bloggoddessMary Magdalene says, “With the loss of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine lost his partner/consort. He lost his balance and his Self in the Divine deism of the day. This loss of partnership is reflected in how hyper-masculinized your culture has become.

The qualities of the over-amped masculine: straight, rigid, planned, controlled, and organized, have become the highlight of society. They became the great endpoint and goal to be striving toward….

…The feminine qualities of being spontaneous, organic, intuitive, unpredictable, emotional, eclectic have become denounced as disorganized, chaotic, or uncontrolled. They have been hailed as diseases to be cured from…

Yet they are great creation tools, too, just a different form and style. Not better, not worse, just different. These feminine qualities come from a more grounded embodied place of being, rather than intellect and doing…”.

Reclaim the Sacred Self

Mary Magdalene says, “A woman with a reclaimed Divine inner Feminine has a sense of herself as whole and holy. She is held by God and knows that, since she is part of and connected to Source, she is Sacred. As a result, she is not willing to abuse or abandon herself in any of the myriad ways women do.”

“Yes,” I reply. “We can care without caretaking. We can love without codependency. We can relax without numbing. We can relate without giving ourselves away.”

She continues, “This is why it such deep and important work. Women are now ready to reveal their true divinity to themselves and the world. And the world needs all the self-expressed, inspired, confident, love-blazed women ready to live as a force to be reckoned with.

Not out of anger or aggression, but a fierce, vibrant force of love, like a strong breeze at the end of a long, hot summer day. The world needs this wind of change and the cleansing force it implies.

Be ready; the wind is coming your way. Trust your voice, your skills, your inspiration and intuition. They are not off, and it is time.”

The Practice: Living from Being

blogmeditateNotice, in your own life, when you undertake a project or plan your day, how your primary process may be to plan, organize, and control. This is habit and conditioning from society. Yet by being in the Divine Feminine energy field, you can start to let your project, day, or life unfold organically, as if you were meandering down a path. By being in the flow of your life, resisting control and not forcing outcome, you will watch your ideas and intentions develop right before your eyes, even without a conscious plan. Imagine that!

This practice awakens awareness of patterns and habits so that you can start to make other choices and shift your being. You will evoke a deeper listening to connect to your inner wisdom, also called intuition or “the still small voice within.” This is an initial step towards your own Listening.

1.  Give yourself extra time in the morning to attend to your Divine Feminine self with soul-care and spiritual practices. These will support and sustain you, allowing your Feminine Essence to shine into your day. Starting off with rules, structure, and discipline may get things done, but at a big cost to your true vitality and radiance. You may be uploading some cultural programming, restricting a deeper, juicier connection to your Feminine Soul.

    · What practices or activities really support and sustain you?

    · Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes in your day morning for these practices, to start you day in connection with your Essence.

2.   Now, as you start your day faced with an outer request or need, tune in deeply to what you feel called to do. Place your hand on your heart and take a full, deep, slow breath. You don’t need to have an answer or plan right away (this can be uncomfortable).

3.  Start by taking a few minutes to journal about your thoughts, feelings, and intuitions. By paying attention to your deeper instinct, you activate your intuitive wisdom. It will get louder when heeded. Writing down these “hits” helps immensely. Otherwise, this guidance is easy to overlook or discount.

4.  Breathe deeply and slowly. This slows everything down.

5.  Ask your body wisdom, inner knowing, heart, or Source how to best respond. (You may call this Goddess, Mary Magdalene, Spirit, Jesus, or whatever you feel connected to.)

6.  More breathing.

7.  Jot down your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, questions, and answers. You may not get the reactive answer or action you might normally. The messages will get clearer or stronger as you attend to them — and dry up if you continue to ignore them. All skills get refined when practiced, and your feminine guidance is among them.

8.  Give thanks for the guidance you have received, from whatever Source it came from.

(c) 2014 Claire Sierra, The Magdalene Path

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