I Don’t Usually Talk About This, But….

Wow, last week brought synchronicity with several of completions that made me realize something. I’m pretty awed by what I heard, which inspired me to share. These women are awesome, and yet what they were struggling with was anything but. And they are not alone. I’ve been there, maybe you or someone you know has too.

As we paused at the end of her coaching series, one client who just left a 30 year relationship shared this:

“I felt like a child in my newly single life. I was lost, confused, afraid and felt helpless. The depression I was slipping in and out of was big and starting to be more life consuming. I knew I had to do something about this– that I might need to go on medication or something. Instead, this work with you brought me back to the core of who I am—instead of staying in the old beliefs that I’d been conditioned to believe. Now, I feel confident in my power to create my life exactly the way I want it. I have a sense of peace, excited expectancy and serenity. The shift has been huge and us doing this together has been life altering.” ~Rhonda L., artisan felter, Kerby, Oregon, www.facebook.com/FabFibers.

Then another client (it’s been quite a week!),  a 40-something mom and community organizer, at the end of her 6 sessions said,

“I got to a point when I started thinking, “Who am I, what am I doing…is this really my life?” I felt lost, going in circles, kind of depressed, but not sure. I didn’t know where I was going but knew I needed to make some changes and I couldn’t do it by myself. I’ve become more conscious of patterns and snap out of them more quickly rather than go into a negative cycle. I now feel empowered to make some changes…

“I definitely learned some tools so that when I’m affected, I don’t have to think to turn them on, they’re becoming engrained in me. Now I feel a lot more positive, so when I hit challenges it’s for hours not days–I can change it up quickly. One of the biggest things I got from our time together is recovering my dreams and the visionary soul part of me, and integrating that into the day to day part of my life. You helped me remember and bring the sparkle back! The magic is what makes life worth living!  I’m dealing with real life situations that come up and working on my dreams, too.”

Can you relate? Are you feeling lost and confused, or overwhelmed by all the needs overshadowing the muffled cry of your dreams and vision?

I don’t usually talk about depression, the urge to avoid meds (or get off them), but after 2 mentions in one week, I knew I needed to put it out there to you. I’ve had scads of success in this area, so if this sparks something in you, let’s talk.

I know how easy it is to get swept away by a million demands on our time and attention, distracted by all the to-do’s; to get clarity and lose it, and end up feeling off-track. For years.

What these women did was not rocket science: they believed enough in themselves to do something different. To get help, practice some tools (maybe even things they already knew?!) and made big shifts in their lives.

blogfootprintsSo how did they do it? They reconnected with their bodies, listening to their Feminine Essence as instinct and energy; they found ways to reconnect with their guidance creativity and inner guidance. They Feed the Feminine First: giving themselves what they need in small enough doses–not to create alarm, but enough to make a difference.

They reconnected to their vision not by doing something huge, but by taking small deliberate steps. Yes, not very sexy, I know, but that is how change happens. And they did not do it alone.

Sometimes we need an outside perspective. Do you have enough support? It really is possible to move past whatever is not working—and it’s often not as hard as you think. (Saffron and Rhonda did it in 6-9 sessions!) Trust that things can be different–there is something waiting to be born through you.

But only you can do this. How long are you willing to wait?

Shift from Yuck to YES… into the juicy creativity, and radiant beauty you are, the gift you you were born to give, the magical life you came here to live….

Depression and overwhelm (and cousins anxiety and insomnia) are not happy subjects. Nor is medication, whether self or prescribed. But this is an area of genius for me, and perhaps it’s time to claim it. So, if you recognize yourself if either of these stories, let’s talk.

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