Here we are, Independence Day–beyond hot dogs, flags and fireworks, what is it really? It’s that day in the US when we celebrate our separation from an archaic, monarchic system and started to create something new, different, egalitarian and self-governed. A more expansive way to lead a nation.

Regardless of our opinion of it now, we can step back and see what a cool and courageous experiment this really was. How do we take this leading edge impulse for freedom and creative leadership into our lives now?

jpegMaybe because it’s summer, I’m noticing many are feeling this call for freedom, creativity, play and new ways of being, with less work and struggle. We are aching to break free of the structures and restrictions of calendars, timelines and schedules that guide our year. They’ve outlived their usefulness as our only guides and support.

There is a part of us that yearns for the expansive deliciousness of a life well-lived, full of sand between our toes and warm breeze in our hair and golden sunshine lighting our eyes.

Life on our own terms, full of abundance and bliss. A shift from the rigors of planning to the ease of intuition, from endless to-do lists and appointments, to ease, grace and flow. The shift from masculine striving (with it’s exhaustion, illness and disconnection) to feminine being.

Is there a hunger for this shift in your life?

I’ve seen ample evidence of this in my life. (yikes!) I feel a deep yearning to share The Magdalene Path message about the importance of reconnecting to our Feminine center. And I’ve had a massive breakthrough with the disconnect between the message I share and the way I go about doing it. As a successful professional woman in this culture, I can get so ramped into masculine striving and tangible markers of outer success. We’ve been trained to do this. But it makes us driving, hard edged, and self-critical. (Sick, tired and crabby, too.)

Not very feminine—meaning intuitive, connected, patient or flowing in the process. And certainly not very divinely inspired. Ouch. Maybe you have this struggle too? So (once again) I dig in to the medicine I carry and take it myself. Gulp.
We can clear our path back to a balanced masculine/feminine place (because it IS about balance, not one being better than the other). Then you’ll feel connected, creative, free and at peace with your options and opportunities (not gripped by fear) — and more able to move ahead with love and joy.

So if this is you too, here are a few suggestions that will help, based on my own recent trevaills.

  1. Access support. You aren’t meant to do it alone and the forces   of our inner nature are strong. The forces of culture are stronger. Friends, coaches and spiritual allies can shift you to a bigger, better way of relating to the mis-truths you’ve gotten yourself tangled up in.
   2. Breathe. Revitalize yourself, however you do that. Whatever is NOT working is probably being magnified by stories and beliefs (of limitation and lack) in your mind. Reconnect with your beautiful body. Listen to Her, she knows the deeper Truth about who you really are and where you are meant to be.
   3. Connect. Remember who you really are and what you are here for. Access your inner wisdom (aka prayer.) There is so much unseen support and guidance available to us when we just remember to ask. This can become clear, palpable direction for next steps in our lives.

Can you relate? This is a common struggle these days as we yearn to shift from the masculine pattern we’ve been raised in, to new feminine ways of being and relating that are just getting their wings and legs.

If you are finally sick of being strangled, stuck and suffocated by the constriction of your world, and want to emerge from the cocoon of yuck as the butterfly you know you can be, let’s talk. I’ve got time/space in my calendar for a few BlissBreakthrough Session in mid-late July. Make an appointment.

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PS>>For more ideas like this, see The Magdalene Path book. It’s filled with tons of goodies to inspire and support your emerging Feminine Soul, and your reconnection to who you really are.