Wow, Autumn Equinox was big. The season really shifted here in the Pacific Northwest– a real reminder of the turn inward we are meant to take now.

I’m still digging out from that New Super Moon. Did it rock your world like mine?

So many of the patterns that have been challenging in the past–things we thought were done–seem to be back and highlighted. Oh goody.

I took a sabbatical and made a nest in my bedroom so that I could rest, reflect and re-balance. I’ve been using my tools and support to lean into the places that seems to stop me, time and again.

Presencing patterns of perfectionism, self-judgement self-criticism, comparison, failure and guck.

This is not my happy place.

But I trust my life, and that it’s showing up for a reason. So what might be ready to shift or emerge?

The patterns keep returning to shine light in deeper places ready to be healed, cleared, released. I know it doesn’t always feel that way (it’s not usually fun), but I’m sure it’s Truth.

I’ve been (coincidentally—not!) also re-working my business to a fuller alignment and expression. It all fits together.

We are coming up on a Full Moon, a perfect time to clear and complete.

Into the Chrysalis

I’ve been digging into soul care and what brings me back to alignment. There are the tried and true methods that I know work for me, and often for you.

Taking time for long walks, asking the deeper questions about who I want to be; what I want to express and contribute here now. That’s less about marketing based on real or perceived needs, and more about what I authentically am on this planet to create: the bigger, bolder brighter work that’s my calling.

What are the questions that you’ve been hearing from your Soul?

Are you taking heed and listening in for answers?

I’ve also—surprisingly—been drawn to re-read The Magdalene Path. In some ways I’m really meeting it for the first time, as a reader. I’ve found bright solace and inspiration which is unexpected and delightful.

I’m using it as an oracle: asking a question and opening the book. I’ve had friends who told me they use the book this way but I had never tried it!

It’s been surprisingly powerful: actually using the book to reconnect with the deeper, wiser, wilder, magical self I’ve gotten distracted from lately. (Am I crazy to admit that out loud?)

This journey is deep and I’m still in process, but I wanted to give you a dispatch from the field. I thought an authentic glimpse along the way could be helpful in your journey.

Let me know what’s up for you. We do this together.

More later….

In sisterhood,

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