I got a big download with an exciting/scary idea. (Most of the good ones are, aren’t they?)
Each year, on the 22nd of July, Mary Magdalene’s life is celebrated. The Catholic Church refers to this as her Feast Day, but that may not have meaning for you or I. Think of it as a holy day.
What is important is that 6 years ago Mary Magdalene’s honor was officially restored by the same political/religious institution that claimed her a fallen prostitute for over 1,400 years.
In 2016 Pope Francis corrected this grotesque mistake and instead crowned her ‘The Apostle to the Apostles’.
Quite a promotion!
In doing so, he recanted the damage done to women and the Divine Feminine in her name. A slight re-righting of the ship that is patriarchy.
Other ancient and contemporary texts (such as The Magdalene Path, and the non-canonical or gnostic gospels) reveal Mary Magdalene as an archetype and icon of feminine power.
A powerful teacher, leader and healer–a priestess–in her own right She was fully connected to the teachings she and Jesus shared, known as The Way of Love.
In honor of her, to connect and align with her energy/teaching/message is the Magdalene Path. There’s an upsurge of interest in her, as women (and men) find her a compelling guide, teacher and role model–someone who points the way to awakening the power of your Feminine Soul.
Each month we gather to Pray the Magdalene Rosary on the 22nd. This month, it is a special day to honor and connect with Her. We’ll have an extended devotional practice–expect 2 hours.
The Magdalene Rosary is an opportunity to drink in Her nurturing, replenishing, soothing and calming Light. It’s very powerful. To extend the celebration, there will be a longer meditation/ connection practice with Her.
And–if the stars align–Claire will channel a live message from Magdalene to the group. (THIS is a rare opportunity! I’ve never been drawn to do this previously!)
This year, after 2 + years of global hardship and trauma, the theme will be a practice of turning to Love and Gratitude.
With the awakening of Feminine, we restore balance and harmony to the planet and seed the new earth that our hearts know is possible.
Sounds like bliss, huh? Let’s do this! <3
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