It’s a time of great change and transition, from what all I see & hear.

One of the things I love about women’s temple time, is we get to unpack and explore what’s happening in our lives, inside and out. Out loud, into a safe space that supports our wholeness.

What’s Alive For You Right Now?

Many women “speak ourselves into being.” We don’t know what we’re thinking/feeling until we say it asked (ideally in spacious non-judgement & support.)

And the synchronicities and alignment always astonish!

I saw this in spades twice recently. First, a large circle of 22 women (yes!!) centered in  hushed silence in the luscious garnet parlor of the Balch Hotel.  Then a few weeks later, 7 in the Takilma Riverhouse–a home I’ll soon be selling after 22 years.

Infused with the fragrance of Rose Mist, Clary Sage, Lavender and Daffodils, we unfurled our souls comfortably into shared exploration of life and it’s currents.

We discovered our sisterhood with wise, strong, creative, resourceful women. We drew cards, meditated and wrote poems. And shared yearnings for self-care anointing with Essential Oils.

Common themes arrive, followed by wisdom and a deeper connection with Feminine Soul, self, Source, and sisters.

The intuitive depth and imagination that emerged was delicious. No blame, shame or fixing. A palpable sense of arriving on a path to share this moment together, reflected in these comments afterward:

“Thanks for this circle. I’ve been looking for something like this for so long and was surprised to find it so close to home! How exciting!”  – Jen, The Dalles

“I wanted to take some time this morning and thank you Claire for the wonderful evening by the river! It reminded me of how much I need to bring spirit, ceremony, visualization and women’s circles back into my life more often! It was so wonderful to meet you all and connect with fella travelers on the path! Hope we can get together again soon.”  – Lulu, Ashland

“What a wonderful evening! I enjoyed meeting other like-minded women, basking in the tranquility of your space, and channeling my inner goddess. Lots of revelations!  I’m feeling re-purposed and renewed!  – Linda, Cave Junction

The whole environment was relaxing, impeccable and nurturing. I was so surprised and happy that there were so many women for the evening. I loved the guided meditation. I read my journal later and was moved by the poem I wrote:


Tall, lanky, late bloomer
Hard on the outside.
But with the little strokes
Of the ants drinking the nectar, the petals release into wild abandon,
Unleashed and free.
Pink and crazy beautiful!!!” – Sheila, Hood River

Perhaps you want this nectar to release into wild abandon? I know I do!

Join us for the next Temple Sophia…oh my…this Wednesday! Join us! Register ahead…seats are limited and the last one sold out!

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Bright Blessings of  Spring!



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