Now that we’ve rounded the corner into 2017, you’ve hopefully had time to rest, reflect and digest all that happened this past year. For many, with big personal and collective challenges, it’s one we’re happy to leave behind.

Last night I was completing my annual review (I shared the process with you in my last article—if you missed it, you can read here)  and I had a burst of inspiration.

Have you taken the time to really harvest the gems of your year, then release 2016, and put it to rest?

Have you taken time to allow in your dreams and goals, receive the visions of what is ahead for you this year?

Create intentions for this bright shiny New Year.

You know that if you do, it is much more likely to happen.

If you haven’t, but know this is just what you need, please read on.

My next step is to develop the themes, and experiences I’d harvested into the visions, ideas and plans for 2017 that were just starting to peek out at me. Exciting!

“A Vision Map!” I thought. I’d already been gathering images. A vision map is an intuitive collage making process. It’s one of the practices in The Magdalene Path on page 125. It harnesses the power of the unconscious mind and it’s a magical manifestation tool. Truly, the stories I could tell you!

Then I had another idea: to do this with you.

I mentioned it to a friend, and she said, “I always plan to do a year-end review and make a New Year Vision Map, and I never do it myself, but if you lead us in ritual, meditation and art-making, it’ll be magic… I’d come!”  Two others said YES right away. So we’re on!

Join us January 14 at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge

New Year Visioning

Magnetize Your Dreams & Desires for a Magical 2017

Creative Collage Magic with Claire Sierra, MA

An afternoon to gather in a circle and complete the past year, in a process that is quick and painless. (I promise!)

Then meet your new year with visioning to glean what the future hold. Claim the path you’d like to take that weaves in the future you DESIRE to embody and manifest. We’ll stretch, laugh (someone might even cry) all while sipping tea or wine, in the cozy elegance of the Balch Hotel. Sound Good?  Here’s more:

  • Explore a reflective process to review, bless and release your past.
  • Enjoy guided meditation to receive dreams & visions for your New Year.
  • Collage a Vision Map of the experiences and things you wish to manifest
  • Discover simple amazing processes that support you to create what you desire that’s aligned with your higher self/God/Source.
  • Connect with like-minded women and feel support for your dreams through simple ritual.
  • Next steps to get you where you most desire to go.

Express your vision for 2017 using simple yet elegant creative practices: art, writing, meditation and movement. Everything is provided (we’ll dip into my extensive collection of collage art supplies) and no experience is necessary. Everyone gets to be an artist! (Men are welcome too.)

Local Artisan Organic Tea and Balch blend Custom Roasted Coffee, snacks and home-made cookies are included. Food is available for purchase (during the retreat or afterward) with locally sourced wine and beer and craft sodas available.

Deepen your experience and spend the night before or after at the Balch Hotel. (Enjoy an evening to relax,bring your sweetie!)

January 14 12-4pm

Balch Hotel, Dufur, Oregon


PRE-REGISTER by January 12 for $10 DISCOUNT (Pay $40) HERE

AFTER January 12 Pay Full Fee of $50 Here

Questions? or 541.659.7284

Enjoy the magic of what is becoming in and through you,


PS Hey, if you’d rather work privately through any part of this, or just know you want support to get next year off to a great start, perhaps a session or two in person or virtual, would be helpful? I’m offering a Buy One,Get One Special–something I’ve never done! You get 2 sessions and you pay my single session price of $200. My New Year’s gift to support your emerging goddessness.