This is a vulnerable share, but direly needed. Last year, (2017) was challenging for many (myself included.) It was a big year for women: starting with  #WomensMarch (the largest-ever citizen’s march in the  US) And ended with the startling, overwhelming and freeing revelations of #MeToo.

We’re in a time of revisioning, reexamining, removing structures and systems that seemed inpenetrably solid and stable (whether we like them or not.)  Some of it, like patriarchal conditioning and socially sanctioned abuse of women, has sparked a massive shift in consciousness.

Other parts are heartbreaking, with our seeming inability as a people to mobilize change: gun violence, racism, and the continued assault on the environment  that results in wildfires, hurricanes, melting polar caps and such.

It’s a potent and powerful time to review what’s happening. Personally as well as collectively. Our memories do not serve us well.

In my review I hit depths of disappointment, grief and frustration at my own expectations not being met. I missed the gems at first.

So rather than fake it, or wait silently, I’m letting you in on the process. Where it’s messy and undone. It may mirror your own.

And truthfully, it’s an edge for me: I’d much rather you see the polished perfection, but that’s not realistic or authentic.

Perhaps something similar is going on for you?  And you’re frustrated, confused, worn down and sad about it. Again.

Maybe this will help?

My plan last year was to reactivate The Magdalene Path, following the transition to manifest and stabilize the Balch Hotel. And like most things, it’s been a longer and more complicated journey than I anticipated.

I re-branded and re-launched a new website—but it’s taken most of the year (yikes!) and still isn’t totally done. Not to mention that through a tech glitch, a big chunk of the website wasn’t live and then we lost all the content. Ha!

I hit bumps in my offerings not meeting my vision and expectation. Registrations were low, or participation was minimal. Events cancelled or reworked on the fly. I’ve revisited unclarity and self-doubt about what to offer and how best to talk about it.

Clearly the old message/model is no longer adequate. I met my perfectionistic tendencies and eventually came to see it with compassion and patience. The old way is breaking apart for something new to emerge. But not yet. And that’s uncomfortable—at best.

(If there’s something I’m missing here, I’d love to hear your insights or intuitive hits. Truly.)

And Hidden Behind the Secret Curtain

As I sit with all of this in the deep well of the year, I know I’ll get deeper clarity around what I’m offering, how and for whom. And how I share it. But that is a process that cannot be timed or planned. (sigh)

I want you to know what’s really happening. I’m sick of the façade the online world promotes. Sure, there are days that I have it all together.

But breakdowns and setbacks happen too. And I bet something similar is going on in  your world, too.

I know there’s a more potent, juicier expression of you that’s trying to emerge. A murky vision that’s calling you. Because that’s what’s happening in me.

I also bet you have moments of absolutely stunning clarity, truth and power.

But you’re hampered by far too many moments of depression and worry about how to resolve the confusion and even despair you feel about your path: work, love, lifestyle…some part of it.

Because I visit that too.

And your spiritual connection—to Mary Magdalene (or whoever you know as your guide)—is lifesaving. It brings you back home. Every. Single. Time.

Yup, #MeToo.

Every time I emerge from it, I’m reminded: Oh! That’s my soul work! There’s a glimmer of some magic combination of in-person and on-line innovation I can’t quite grasp yet. With art, energy work, spa treatments, counseling… private sessions, boutique retreats or…?

And that’s the frustrating part. I know I’m close. You are too.

What’s Moving in You?

We’re in a big time of change. Environment, politics & culture, are all blowing up around us. It’s not likely to go away.

What’s it in your words? (If you have a clue or an insight, do reply here and let me know.)

What’s keeping you up at night that I can help you through?

After reading bits of The Magdalene Path, what’s the challenge you struggle most with and are ready to solve or shift? 

It’s time now, sister. We need you to step up embodied and empowered in your divinity, to be the change we all feel in our hearts and want to see in the world.

Which means the collective evolution of humanity is calling you to get through your challenges, access your clarity, confidence and courage to bring your gifts forth.

I’m seeing a journey of awakening, to the Priestess within, tending the temple of her everyday life. A path from mind to heart/womb to embody pleasure, joy and love.

This means healing our personal/collective the wounds and barriers in the way. We can’t wait till you’re “done” though (that’s unrealistic and keeps you small and stagnant.)

What is being asked of you at this time?

How is your life and soul calling you?

How can I help?

After almost 30 years as an Art Therapist and healer (hard to believe!) I’m confident I can, and can refer you elsewhere if I can’t.

I really want to hear back from you sister.

We’re doing this together, you and I. And it’s so much more simple and fulfilling that way!

Join me?



P.S.  I’d really love if you click here and drop some answers to these questions. IThanks, love.