Happy Holy Days, Dear One

It’s snowing outside and the halls are decked. The season is upon us. With so much beauty surrounding us, what possibly could I have to add to that mix?

I wanted to offer you a little something special and make it easy for you. Then I realized: THE GODDESS COLORING BOOK! I’ve been so quiet about this little gem, I didn’t even offer it on my website for the first 2 years I sold it. Silly, huh?

So I put together a creativity kit for someone you love. (Maybe that’s yourself?) Scroll down and see what you think.

The Goddess Coloring Book Kit is NOT available on the website. In fact, I’m offering it to you first. (Besides, shhh, the website is undergoing a major redesign right now, it’s kind of a mess–I’ll tell you when to take a peek.)

Check it out below and order it here.

Bright Blessings for the vastness of All You ALREADY ARE, goddess,



P.S. This is a blog-only offer, no webpages, sales pages, nothing. Simple, easy and direct through PayPal, from me to you and yours. Check it out below…

The Goddess Coloring Book Kit

Sometimes we need a little help to get our creative juices flowing. (I know I do!) So to aid you (or a loved one), I created a coloring book for grown-ups: 22 Feminine Soul images fresh from the pages of my sketchbooks.

Coloring is mind-neutral, easy, and relaxing. Research shows it reduces anxiety and creates clarity and peace.  It allows you to create and daydream, use color, shape and form, without having to fill the blank page yourself! Ah, simplicity!

These images are designed with ample space for you to play and express yourself. Color outside the lines, add your own symbols, shapes and lines. Make it your own, over and over again.

This full-length printed version of the Goddess Coloring Book is 22 pages, 9″ x 11″, single-sided with blank pages for your own doodles and sketches. You can easily copy and reuse–over and over!

Included in the kit, is a package of 16 Oil Pastels (shown above), to get started right away. No need to dig out your kids’ old crayons or dried up markers. If you’ve never used oil pastels, you’ll love the creamy softness and bright color. Easy to blend and create texture. Not messy, easy to clean up.  They come in a self-contained sleeve box, so they travel nicely.

Makes a great (and unusual) gift!

Comes in a hand painted envelope, ready for gifting!

$14.95 coloring book and oil pastel set

+ $5 shipping and handling

Total: $19.95

(In case the link is broken, here it is: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZZBPNFVJLBPRW