Everywhere we signs of new life: tulips, kittens, wild winds and big white puffy clouds. Threats of rain… and snow! It must be Spring!

And I reach for it, as the old guard clings with death grips to whatever last remnants of “normal”–a group psychosis called “reality.”

I know as a white middle class woman, I’ve benefited from it, but still it needs to end. “It” being racism, environmental suicide, capitalistic destruction, housing & mental health crises, misogyny, sexism.

As women we are charged to find a new way:  great positive change for the good of all. We feel this in our bones.

I see it in your actions and hear it in your yearning, everyday.

Recently I wrote, “After 4000 years of patriarchal conditioning… Awakening the Feminine means Doing Life Differently.”

Remember your Soul Truth, sweetheart. If you don’t know it, find it, NOW.   Know your beauty, your essence,  your creative spark, your intuitive knowing.

We all have the capacity to connect with our higher guidance, hear the wisdom of Spirit.

So many of the crazy imbalances of the world today wouldn’t exist if women were fully empowered.

Know yourself as Divine. (When this becomes truth, the magic you create is mind-boggling. You are that powerful!)

Unplug your inner conformist and tap your genius: Feminine Soul. We do this so ALL life can flourish.

Women are here for the awakening of Feminine. to restore balance and harmony to the planet–while we still can. Seed the new earth that our hearts know is possible.

It can happen. Let’s do it, together!