These last few weeks have been feeling pretty funky at Bliss Breakthrough. Ironic? Yeah.

Recently it’s felt like life is moving in retrograde motion — not really moving backwards, but not moving forward either. Trips, projects, plans stall or start to fall apart. Bleh. And I hear this from others, too….

What happens for you when things start to go sideways? How do you cope? How do you get your groove back? You know:divine alignment, flow, timing, grace, and ease….

Lately I’ve been leaning in to what works for me. Like its an extreme sport. I realized there are a few stellar practices that always work for me (I just sometimes have to work through the whole dang list to one that really shifts me!)  I wanted to share my time-tested tricks, tools and totems. (A few anyway.)

Time Tested Tricks, Tools and Totems

1. Walking. In nature. Nothing cleans my body/mind lika a walk outdoors.{City neighborhoods are a workable (though not ideal) alternative.} In the woods, I somehow let it out, let it go and something new comes back to me. Amazing, everytime.

2. Meditating You know it has to be on this list, (but perhaps dread it?) But really, I find that regularly getting mind/body quiet is extraordinary for my Soul. I’m not attached to style/method, just that we do it.

3. Journaling. Lately I’ve remembered just how much this process of listing my thoughts and listening to Spirit stills and clarifies my mind, mood, actions and attitudes. Totally helps, every time. (Even despite all the monkey chatter 🙂 )

4. Creating. Making stuff, whether crafty, homey or artsy. When I get into a project that I’m inspired by, a different part of me is touched and expressed. Knots get worked out. And its juicy and fun playing with color and texture.

5. (Bonus!) Connection. With Spirit. Really, this one trumps all the rest. The guidance, direction, and support I get from connecting to and trusting in a force greater than me blows me away. We are so loved. We are never alone. When I remember to give all my worry and concern over this this overlighting Source presence, my life gets easier and better.

I could go on, there are others (like soul coaching with Tomar, EFT with Helen, ,Access coaching with Alicia) But I’ll leave it at that….

I’m so grateful for the tools that I use (and teach), along with my co-hearts: colleagues, friends and Divine helpers. Without them I would not be the woman I am today. For sure.

What are yours? Post them here on the blog. Only by listening, trusting and leaning in to what works for you, that breakthroughs open up. Bliss happens!!

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