Beloved… Checking in on you. How’s the year so far? Swirling ebbs of clarity and question marks?

In my world, life has been shifting swiftly–not in a bad way–dropping into deeper layers of Soul Clarity with new realities emerging. Just as I make one discovery something else pops in, causing me to reconsider and change–even something I JUST told you about. (Oy!) (Details below.)

That seems so like 2020. We’re really being called to flex and flow, which is the essence of our Feminine mode. We are really being asked step in to our truth and walk the talk.

Which is good, we need this shift, culturally, right? And this year, is all about embodiment.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been fairly obsessed with embodiment since Equinox,—consciously being in my Divine Feminine essence in everyday life–not just during meditation, or retreats.

Last article I share 10 core soul care practices for staying in alignment that I’ve been immersed in. (Read my last blog post here.)

I’ve discovered is that alignment in the Divine Feminine is not a static thing that we “get” and keep. (Dang it!) But a continuum, in flux and flow. As I was mentioning above…

But What’s Being in Alignment, Anyway?

there’s a full, connected feeling when we we’re in right relationship with our core self. We feel fulfilled and good about our work, home, and family situations. You probably recognize it.

We groove along for a while–maybe a long time. We lose it (those random “off moments”) and find our way back, easily. (yessss)

Then the nudges. Something feels off. Hesitation, slight confusion. Nothing really badly wrong, just not fully right. Usually we ignore this, trying to hang on, hoping it’s just an off day–or month(s)–wishing things to come back into a happy place.

Some people live there for years. I hope that’s not you.

When we’re wise, we can catch and make subtle adjustments, back into alignment.

Lately I’m creating and refining so much! I sense when something isn’t quite aligned, and see the signal to create change. Uh oh! or Oh, flow!?

But by heeding this, and staying attuned to my Feminine Soul wisdom, I can flow with the changes and shift back into alignment.

Other times, we ignore situations that are crying for our attention. It’s easy to do.

Invariably though, things get worse, we flail about, (sometimes crash and burn,) We don’t know what to do–or we do but are afraid of doing it, (often then needing more drastic measures to get ourselves back on track.)

Lots of time can be lost here. And I don’t recommend doing it all alone, it’s longer, harder and more painful, usually. (Remember, personal growth is a team sport–right?)

Are you in a place of misalignment or embodied Feminine Soul?

Find Clarity, End Confusion

Maybe your dance with alignment has gone on long enough. Perhaps its time to get to the place you need, to find the answers you want.

Give yourself time (and permission) to go inside, unearth the message and blessings, then make the changes from there. Consider this option to get soul guidance and direction to find your new flow.

The Feminine Soul Clarity Virtual Experience (formerly called Magdalene Soul Clarity session) is part oracle card reading, soul purpose coaching, energy healing, body wisdom meditation, and sacred oil anointing–rooted in the ancient temples of the Divine Feminine and Magdalene Mysteries. Done from the comfort of your home temple on Zoom videoconferencing (it’s easy to use, trust me.)

If you’re navigating transition, challenges or change, you’ll be guided to tap into a grounded, expanded space of your own embodied divine wisdom.

You’ll receive clarity about a niggling challenge or confounding question that’s keeping you from your highest expression and calling.

Discover nourishing solutions to move forward again in a way that feels free and aligned. You’ll learn practices to embody connection with your Feminine Soul, to priestess your everyday life.

I’ve been doing soul work for 30 years and this combination of modalities is the most potent to date. You can see details and reserve a session here.

Alignment Leads to Embodiment

I’ve been awed by the client feedback: I was at a crossroads and felt that I was stuck, something was in the way, and I didn’t know which way to go… the session was beautiful! And I received the right message, which allowed me to consider new possibilities. I got exactly what I needed.”

Another shared, “Claire holds you with grace, gently guiding you to the answers which lie within… allowing for a softening around your own unknowingness, to bring you clarity, kindness, and peace about sticky spots in your life.”

And finally, “It was a magnificent and deeply healing/nourishing experience! Thank you, Claire!

Is it time for your Feminine Soul Clarity?

If you have a question, let’s connect!

Let’s dive into the depth of the season, allowing the winter’s hibernation to be a time of reflection and inspired action.

Together we align with the truth of our Feminine Soul.