Deeper Questions for Resolving Transitions


I feel like there’s something more or different that I’m supposed to be doing, but I don’t know what it is….what’s my next step?

Ever feel that way?

I know I have, and even recently.

I’ve written previously about life changes since moving: leaving community after 20+ years, moving from one bio-region to another. From having a “normal” life (in a house) to living 24/7 in a boutique hotel that we own. (Don’t get me wrong, it’sa cool hotel.)

It’s been a big transition. Duh.

Huge tectonic rumblings have been occurring in my body/soul/psyche during this process.

I knew that being in this elegant, exotic place meant the work I do would change. It had to. But what? How? And more importantly, WHEN?

For a long time I kept trying to be done with it and move on.  My Type A side, yelling, “Get going!”

Classically, my strong masculine side tried forcing myself into what I thought the new me should be feeling and experiencing. Ever do that? (Doesn’t really work well, huh?)

I’m hearing this from women so much lately. Many  of us want to be more “in” our Feminine, but the masculine style is what we know so well!

Divine Timing follows the flow of the Feminine.  And this shift, from masculine doing, striving, pushing, making it happen….it’s not compelling anymore. Too stressful and exhausting!  (And ineffective.) I’ve discovered so much about what’s necessary to contain this shift.

So I let it all go. All my ideas of what should be happening and when. I knew I needed to let the tide go all the way out to see what came back.

Still nothing was coming.

But I rested in trusting in Feminine Being: organic and inspired by Her. Impatience was becoming mixed with malaise…I wondered, “Had I lost the juice for the Feminine Soul?” I was surprised when I finally named this lack of passion. And got curious.

Transition, Passion and Energy

Coming through the other side of a big life change makes me realize this is possibly happening for you. (Let me know if I’m right here.) I wonder…

Are you going through transition that somehow isn’t going exactly as planned? That’s taking too long? Adrift in middle of a shift you’re not through yet—though you’d probably like to be.

Are you feeling a loss of passion and energy?  Disconnected from what once felt bright and promising?

Bestselling author Liz Gilbert spoke on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, advising against seeking passion, (too much pressure) and instead following curiosity. She also gives a great Ted Talk about how great success, achieving one’s dreams can be as disorienting as big failure.

In the absence of passion, seek curiosity. Go where your energy and interest are grounded.

Opened your toolkit, (I went to the Magdalene Path processes I teach) to what sustains you. Watch for synchronicities.

Ask some juicier questions and allow a deeper layer to emerge.

Take the time you need, there is no rush, sweetheart. And yet, at the same time, if you feel a longing, a calling from your soul to connect more deeply with your feminine soul’s essence, and awaken your connection to that inner guidance that you also possess, then by all means, don’t wait.

Act on it.

If something is urging you, move towards it, even if it seems messy, illogical and unclear.  There is a red thread of belonging and desire that is pulling you forward. It’s not always a neat and tidy process. It’s a marvelous intricate tapestry that is woven from the strands of your skills, talents, dreams, hopes and desires.

There lives a longing that your soul has come here to express. Why wait on it?

I’m here to show you that it is totally possible to awaken and activate this knowing, without turning your whole life upside down. (That’s the fear, isn’t it?)

Go within, listen and follow. It’s a tremendous act of self-love and self-trust. One we haven’t exactly been trained in, have we? (I wasn’t.)

Society’s many voices and structures have trained us away, but we can actually follow and trust our own inner wisdom. There are ways to connect with your Divine guidance to get clear answers to life questions that really helps when you feel lost. (I’d have been sunk without them.)

When you do, magical things happen and your life opens up in miraculous, unexpected ways.

Try it and let me know how it’s going, I want to hear.

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