I had a great realization the other day, while relaxing into a Reiki energy treatment. I’ve shared previously that I’m writing a book on the Awakening of the Divine Feminine. This started in 2009 and frankly,  it wasn’t really my idea. I was called. Mary Magdalene started speaking to me in my morning meditation and writing practices (part of the True Purpose Coaching process).

What I haven’t shared is that this divine guidance hasn’t always been going so well. The writing has flowed but I have been resistant to the message. And lately, the editing and crafting of this material into an actual book has been like jogging through molasses. (messy, slow, difficult). Not at all how I think it should be going. I cringe to share this, I’m only supposed to show how skilled and effective I am as a healer/teacher/coach/therapist, right?

Yet I know that this process is relevant for the awakening that is occurring.  Whether its me or you, the struggles are the same.

In the new paradigm, a brave exposed heart is a key to manifesting the life of our dreams. To do our best soul-inspired work and live authentic, radiant lives we need to BE true to our calling, even when it seems to be off-course. Because there is the gold.

My realization is to share that while this process of receiving a divinely guided mission and project (“write a book about the awakening of the Divine Feminine”) sounds really easy and exotic, its not. It requires I become this even more.

So, as Reiki hands of light worked over me, I got it.  I’m DOING the Divine Feminine. And yet the Feminine is all about BEING. (Which is not the same as non-doing)

In my super-competent, organized, linear  (AKA masculine) fashion, I have attempted (mostly unsuccessfully, I sheepishly admit) to “get her done”. “Knock it out and produce” has been my MO.

That’s what we do as successful modern professional women, right?

Its so easy to lose touch with the sacred, organic, flowing intuitive process that IS the Divine Feminine that I am writing about. Ironic, huh? So I am being led to live the material in a deeper, wholer way. How else can I bring it to you?

And Magdalene instructed me, “BE The Way, and then show them.”  I can’t DO my being, that’s the point.

So how do  intelligent, talented, resourceful, overcompensated masculinized women make that shift?

Its not about  navel gazing inaction. I sense (not think, that is part of that same left brain trap) that it has to do with slowing down and listening. Surrendering to intuition and instinct, rather than logic and order. Enough being ruled by to-do lists (my nemesis!) Messy & disorganized? Not necessarily.

The urge to plan and control is strong, but ultimately proves exhausting and ineffective. So I am following my joy and developing external structure and support that this process can flow into. I am reinvigorating my use of all the tools and practices that I know support and sustain my grounded, centered Soul essence.

The feminine calls us to shift to operating from feeling– that much maligned female trait–without being taken out by it. We are learning to balance the divine qualities of masculine structure to protect and contain the formless, relational creativity of the feminine.

Practice taking  risks of inspired imperfect action (like this!) rather than rigid planning; trusting that something beautiful and joy-filled is going to emerge. Learn to trust a sensual soul Self that whispers (or screams) inside. That’s part of The Way of the Magdalene.