Seems like no matter where we go, there we are. So no surprise that with the fullness that summer brings comes some overwhelm, stress and burnout.

As an art therapist/healer/teacher and coach, I’ve been looking at what it is about the helping professions– and those who are called to it– that makes us burn  out.

AND (more importantly) once we are there, or heading there, what do we do about it?

Most available solutions tend toward self care, but that’s a no brainer. If you were doing that, you wouldn’t be burnt out, right? So what is the deeper calling, the deeper message of Soul longing for, expressed in the language of burnout?

This is the exploration I’ve been in and it leads right into to reawakening of our feminine essence and power. (What a coincidence! How timely!) It seems the masculine model most of us have adapted to fit in and get along successfully in society is effective at getting us ahead, but sucking the lifeblood out of us. So despite the fact that we are in these caring roles, they are somehow robbing our Souls.

What about that!?

That’s a big dilemma. the feminine expression of care, connection, relatedness, inner meaning and destiny is screaming to be listened to. Not just for ourselves but for the children’s children and the planet. Taking up that challenge is an art, however, not a science. And the art is the obvious opposite of what we have been doing.

Enjoy the listening that your inner being calls forth. And please give yourself the gift of slowing down: lounge in that hammock or beach lounger more. Because autumn is coming.