Sh…don’t say it: end of summer. I resisted it for so long: stamped my feet, pounded my fists, plugged my ears. I would not hear it. Then this week, voila, its here and I love it: Autumn. The air is cooler, the light is clearer, sparkling.


I’m out of resistance. I’m in awe of Autumn. It tricks me into loving it every time. It takes me a while to warm up to it, I’m not ready to let go at Labor Day or Back to School.


With my Divine Feminine book in the capable hands of my editor, I’ve had time to create some Soul Art, complete 2 paintings (see below!) and plan new programs.


So now I’m in Awe of October. Say it: Awectober. What are you in awe of in your life?


The shifts seem to continue, bumpy  but softer, with less intensity, to move us into the heart of our blessing. People seem moved to embody the purpose and process we are here to be in this life.


Let’s do it with Awe in “Awctober”. When we are in a state of awe love and gratitude flows through us. Our lives become a blessing to receive and be, for sure.


Enjoy the deepening awe and the shift in your life. “The only way out is through,” so why not end the struggle and let it through?


Bless and be blessed,



P.S. With the auspicious date of 11/11/11 coming up, I feel moved to offer a virtual mini-retreat to connect to the expansiveness of NOW. This teleclass seems like the best solution, when we are all so far afield. A great use of technology to solve dillemmas of distance, time, money and other pesky resource use.