Re-Aligning with Your Desire: Inside & Out

Sometimes even the most inspired and aligned plans go awry. The distraction of the holiday weekend didn’t allow time to adequately absorb and consider this mastermind group.

So I’ve decided to put of the start date. Let me know if you have questions and we’ll see if it’s a fit for where you’re at. I’m excited to work with those who jumped up and said YES, and I’ve got a few more spots if you’re feeling moved.

Bringing a Dream into Reality

Maybe you’re like a talented (& popular) acupuncturist I know. She her practice was busy but she wanted to shift how she was working. There were lots of conflicting opinions swimming in her head, creating internal confusion and inaction.

Or like the lovely, gifted coach who is ready to launch new programs–but keeps getting caught in her own and other’s health challenges and drama. Creating one delay after another.

Perhaps what you’re doing isn’t reflecting all of who you really are. Like my multi-passionate therapist friend, who’s so talented and has such a huge medicine bag of tools to offer. She feeling called to offer something bigger but is unsure how to put it out there. She’s holding back.

Once we address those beliefs and fears, all kinds of purposeful action happen. Otherwise, when these situations occur, you end up getting the wrong kinds of clients (or none at all–gack!) and end up frustrated and bored–even though things look great to the rest of the world.

It takes courage–and more–to bring your vision to the marketplace. it requires a careful balance of Masculine-style action (doing) with Feminine receptivity and allowing (being) to manifest our vision.

There’s a need to address internal blocks and beliefs that can really sabotage all your efforts. And at the same time, take practical simple external actions (like planning and marketing!) that are aligned with the work you want to be doing.  When you clearly know who you are, what you (really) offer and to whom, you can confidently express your gifts and fill your practice with the people who resonate.

After writing and publishing The Magdalene Path, I know how challenging this can be. And the ways through.

So when I was asked to develop a mastermind group for holistic practitioners–therapists, coaches, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Reiki healers, Tarot readers–it felt like time to say yes.

Are you ready to uplevel your work, take the next steps towards creating your vision, so that you can give your gifts in the way you feel called? 

It’s almost impossible to do that alone. Join a small group of like minded men and women in a confidential circle of support.

Get moving in the direction your heart yearns for.

It’s possible,



PS If you need to have a short chat to see if it’s purposeful for you, set up a time with me here. or reply to this email with some times/days that work for you.

Regardless of where you live, if you’re interested in doing this virtually, let me know.

And if this isn’t for you but is for someone you know, please forward it, I’d be so grateful.


When Something Bigger is Calling To You

You love your work but it no longer reflects what you feel called to do. You’re feeling the urge to start or shift your private practice, big time. But you’re holding back, playing it safe.

Plus, you avoid the marketing part and secretly wish clients would just find you. The marketing you do (if any) doesn’t land the results you want, or attract the right clients.

Stand out in a sea of practitioners. Get clear about your gifts and express it to the people you’re meant to reach.

Together we can discover:

  • Tapping into the Soul of Your Business and how it can guide you.
  • Refreshing clarity about what you really offer, translated into marketing messaging & networking situations. (It’s not what you think it is!)
  • Growing your business that feels aligned with who you are, rather than what you’ve been told you should do.
  • Tools to shift your mindset, release limiting beliefs and charge what you’re worth.
  • Concrete, practical action steps and accountability that are aligned & keep you moving forward.

Stop going it alone. Join a confidential circle of support with other conscious, spirit-centered practitioners, led by an experienced therapist/coach and entrepreneur.

Monthly meetings (2 hours) $88/session.
Group plus private coaching
to focus on your challenge areas: $198/month

Starts with half day retreat at the Historic Balch Hotel….then meets monthly in Hood River or Dufur.  (Group time and date to be determined by participants.)

More Details and Registration at

Questions? Let’s talk! See if this is for you and reserve a seat. Email or set up an appointment at: or call 541.659.7284.