Brave, Right and A Little Bit Scary

Are you Brave? I’m not. And since writing The Magdalene PAth, I’ve found I’ve had to do something scary almost daily.

The other day I got the message that it was time to gather online again, for another free virtual retreat. (Not so scary.)

(Did you get the invite? No worries if you didn’t, just scroll down.)

Then I got a second download….and it’s led me to do something super scary, that I’ve wanted to do for a long time….VIDEO!

iggArticle8 pic1You see, I know that this space here at the Balch Hotel is magical. And I know that’s hard to imagine.

So I’ve been feeling that the best way was to use video.  But that means using new technology, while teaching you. And potentially goofing up. On a public stage. Scary.

But it’s time to be brave and give it a try.

It could be glitchy, but I think it’s worth it, to sit in circle together, virtually.

You’ll be sitting in the library of the Balch Hotel, without leaving your house. We can see each other! How cool is that!?

So join me…. this Wednesday at 6pm PT

R R retreat

FREE VIRTUAL RETREAT…via livestream!

So many women are feeling too tired, diconnected, unfulfilled and just plain worn down to feel radiant, sensuous and alive. And with all we’ve got going on, who can blame us?

And yet we know that’s where the joy of being in a feminine body is.
What’s the solution? Where’s the portal to access all this juicy goodness?

Activate new ways of being in the expansive radiance of our Feminine self.

Shift from relying on your inner masculine power. Access and integrate the magic of your Feminine Soul. Ahhh…..

It turns out that this really works best when we do it TOGETHER, in community–toremind each other of who we REALLY are becoming.

(Otherwise the old patterning will keep you stuck where you’ve been. It’s inevitable.)

So to support this, join me for another virtual retreat. Let’s expand into this together. And experiment with a new way of doing this…video conference!

Sit in virtual circle with other women from around the corner and across the globe and reconnect with a new way of being that feeds and aligns your soul.

Create and maintain a strong, clear connection to your own Divine Guidance and more fully embody your Feminine essence.

Give yourself 40 minutes of respite: sweet, deep connection with your Feminine Essence AND other soul sisters for free, via your phone or computer.

3 Keys to Get Your Sexy Back!
Free Virtual Retreat

In our short time together, you will….

  • Discover #1 life altering discovery from The Magdalene Path that can shift you out of the exhaustive overdrive of modern life, into ease, grace and flow of Feminine Soul.
  • Create sacred space together with other like minded sisters.
  • Access to your divine wisdom to Feminine meditation and prayer.
  • Discover what Mary Magdalene symbolizes and what she teaches us about our lives today.
  • If there’s time: opportunities for Q&A, laser coaching and discussion.

Mc ConnellI’ll also share about an upcoming, in-person 2+ day retreat at The Balch Hotel with an amazing friend and colleague, Helen Mc Connell*.

You can join us in April in the Columbia Gorge near Portland, Oregon to access your innate Soul Truth, your feminine wisdom, and authentic power—to bring your sexy back. (Don’t you want that? I do!)

If you want to see more about it, go here,

(*Helen, by the way, is hot stuff. That’s her on the right. She’s a Portland-based Life Catalyst and she’s totally on fire about delicious, full body, lifestyle transformation. She’s really good, I’m hoping she’ll join us for the call.)

So let’s convene our sister circle virtually–girl time from the comfort of your own home!

I want this to be nourishing and interactive, creative and fun! Light a candle, get your cup of tea and cozy wrap.

To make this extra fun, we’ll do livestream, (weee!) via Zoom (details below). This way you can sit in circle with me at the Balch Hotel!  We’ll be able to see each other (you can always turn your camera off or call in via phone.)  Grab your free seat. See details to access call below


gcbBefore the call, be sure to get these things:

  •  A cup of tea, glass of wine or some other yummy treat.
  • Your copy of The Magdalene Path to follow along. (Order one below)
  • Journal and pen to take notes and doodle.
  • Goddess Coloring Book** pages or paper and markers, oil pastels or crayons to color.
  • A comfy, quiet spot to sit. No distractions, this is time just for you.

**BONUS!! Download your free copy of the Goddess Coloring Book! Print out a page or two to play with while we retreat. You can get your FREE copy HERE

Here are the details:
Wednesday, March 16th
6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern
40 minutes
Where: Live webcast via Zoom

If you’ve never used Zoom you’ll need to sign up. It’s free and easy:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap:  16465687788,656545931# or 14157629988,656545931#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 656 545 931

International numbers available:

If you’ve never used Zoom before….it’s a plug-in for your smartphone or computer. (Kind of like Skype)

It’s best if you sign up AND download it BEFORE the virtual retreat. It only takes a couple of minutes, for real. And that’s really the only downside. The upside is it’s really simple and it allows interaction and participation…super cool!

When you go to it access LIVE for the first time it auto-downloads, easy peasy,

Having said that, if you’d like to do a manual download in advance and not leave anything to chance, you can here –>

When you arrive, you’ll see a bunch of options: at the top of the page (OR your phone screen) click “join a meeting” then enter the number above.Clicking on the link  up above works well, too. 😉

(PLEASE don’t use Skype to call in with the phone numbers – it can result in sound distortions, sound lag & dropped calls. There are international numbers–see above)

While  it’s best to attend the live call and experience the energy and sisterhood of the gathering, sometimes life doesn’t allow that. So don’t worry, the call will be recorded.You’ll get the replay recording and can still be part of it.….

Let’s do this together, sister,

Revitalize & Rejuvenate
…. and Get Your Sexy Back!

A  2 Day Women’s Retreat with Claire Sierra, MA and Helen McConnell at
the Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon

Are you a spiritually aligned woman who’s tired of struggling in your life and work the way it is?

PS: Maybe its not time for you to come to a 2 day retreat in the Pacific Northwest. Then this virtual experience is for you. Feminine Soul is ready and waiting for you!

I talk to women all the time who are so isolated. I want to include any woman who is hungry for this juicy conversation. If you know other women who’d love this, pleaseshare with your friends. And like/share it on Facebook too, would you?  It’s time to make the shift and do this Divine Feminine thing for real.

And if you want to explore privately, I’ve got a few spots open for my Feminine Bliss

Breakthrough sessions. These are currently complimentary while I have space in my practice. Ask about any aspect of The Magdalene Path. Explore where you’re blocked in your bliss and ready for breakthrough. We’ll discuss working together and what that could look like for your future self. Set that up by choosing a time to meet, here.

r r retreat vYou’re working hard, but not getting where you thought you’d be—tired of feeling unfulfilled and getting so little reward/results.

You know there’s a different way.

You’ve had glimpses–connection to your Divine Feminine but wonder how to keep it going.

Join us for 2 days in the Columbia Gorge and discover how to:

  • Activate your Feminine Soul and bring it into balance with your masculine side.
  • Consistently connect to your deeper wisdom and power to fuel your inspired life.
  • Experience confidence and clarity about who you really are—and start to live from this place.

Get away and pamper yourself at a 2 day retreat in the Columbia Gorge, in the sacred space of The Balch Hotel. Go here for more details

End the isolation–gather with like-minded women and revitalize your juicy feminine essence, in a gorgeous, relaxing retreat setting.

April 16 and 17 PLUS: Bonus evening April 15

Early bird discount: Retreat: $127 (plus Lodging) if registered by April 1. (no joke!)

Retreat: $167 (plus lodging) after 4/1

Call 541.467.2277 or go here for more details.
(if the link is broken go to: