Are you Ready to Bring Your Sexy Back?

Before we all head out for the weekend I wanted to send you a quick note.

I’m really excited because it’s to share something I’ve been working on for a LOOOONG time. And it’s the reason behind our acquiring the Balch Hotel.

Many spiritual, aware women are afraid of admitting the struggle we’re having. Life looks good on the outside, but inside…? Not so much.

Seems we don’t want to admit where we’re struggling or have gaps. We don’t want to bring negative energy to situations.

And there’s wisdom there. Complaining isn’t creating change, it locks in what already is. Bleh.

But pretending “all is well” and stuffing it when it’s not, isn’t really the shift we need, either.

Instead we need to find ways to access this inner unconscious patterning. Learn methods to release and then uplevel ourselves with practices that uplift, inspire and revitalize. From the inside out.

And we can’t  do it alone. (and aren’t meant to) We’re meant to do it in sisterhood.

I’m alluding to awakening your Divine Feminine, as a daily lived experience–not just once in a while. Accessing the magic of your Feminine Soul and integrate it with your inner masculine power is a hot theme these days.

For good reason–the world is crying out for the rebalancing. Look around, we’re seeing the negative effects of the hyper-masculine culture. (hello, GOP debates? gun violence?)

I’ve been developing a retreat with a friend and colleague, Helen Mc Connell that we’re just launching at The Balch Hotel (weee!) to support this shift. Together.

We’re so excited to invite you to an in-person 2+ day retreat at The Balch Hotel that will help you revitalize, rejuvenate, access your authentic power and bring your sexy back.

Return to what’s been lost or forgotten. Check it out below….

Love who you are, inspire yourself,
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PS: If there’s just no way you are coming to the Pacific Northwest, I’ve got a few virtual experiences that are ready to be released. Don’t give up hope, Feminine Soul is ready and waiting for you!

And if you want to explore privately, I’ve got a few spots opens for my Feminine Bliss Breakthrough sessions. We can talk about any aspect of The Magdalene Path. Also explore where you’re blocked in your bliss and ready for breakthrough, with some resources to get you on your way. Set those up by choosing a time to meet, here.

Revitalize & Rejuvenate Your Life
…. and Bring Your Sexy Back!

A Women’s Retreat with Claire Sierra, MA and Helen McConnell

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with Claire Sierra, MA author of The Magdalene Path & Helen McConnell of

Are you a spiritually aligned woman who’s tired of struggling in your life and work the way it is?

You’re working hard, but not getting where you thought you’d be—tired of feeling unfulfilled and getting so little reward/results.

You know there’s a different way.

You’ve had glimpses, a connection to your Divine Feminine, but wonder how to keep it going.

Join us for 2 days in the Columbia Gorge and discover how to:

  • Activate your Feminine Soul and bring it into balance with your masculine side.
  • Consistently connect to your deeper wisdom and power to fuel your inspired life.
  • Experience confidence and clarity about who you really are—and start to live from this place.

Get away and pamper yourself at a 2 day retreat in the Columbia Gorge, in the sacred space of The Balch Hotel.

Gather with like-minded women and revitalize your juicy feminine essence, in a gorgeous retreat setting.

April 16 and 17 (with a free bonus evening Friday April 15!!)

Early bird discount: $127 (plus lodging) when registered by April 1. (no joke!)

$167 (plus lodging) after 4/1

Call 541.467.2277 to register or go here for more details

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