Lately I notice myself continually distracted by details of offering this work and sharing the message about the Divine Feminine.

I notice that I am not getting much traction on ‘The Thing I Need to Be Focusing On’: the creative work I am guided to do (the book on Awakening the Divine Feminine with Mary Magdalene & creating art) as I do other “important” things first. Why does our big creative work not seem important enough to come first?

Perhaps you know this story: I’m getting up and planning my day, knowing that what serves me and the world best is to use the practices I teach.  Yoga, prayer, meditation and writing. I know when I do, my energy is open: activities, emotions and thoughts flow well, synchronicities and joy are commonplace.

Yet I  can so easily forget and take this for granted.

So I slip and check my email (“just for a minute”). Voila! 2 hours later, I peel myself away to dash off to an appointment. Never did do the practices that center and sustain me. Nor did I get to the creative tasks either. Embarrassing but true.

I later wonder why my day seems off-track and flat. No time for the feminine wandering, or the sustainence of Source guidance. I got sucked into the masculine world of to-do lists and tasks.

It is so easy to sacrifice that which nourishes my Soul for that which satifies my masculinized ego. Why is that?

Last month I wrote about “jump or be pushed” and spirit’s not-so gentle way of nudging us when we are off-path. So I have renegotiated & realigned with my values & inner wisdom. Feed the Feminine first.

I’m finding quicker steps to upgrade my alignment. I bet you are too. The gift of this work: blessing you blesses me..

Standing in your authentic radiant self gets easier with practice. Weaving in your Feminine Soul is part of that.  Align, allow and adjust. Let me know how it’s going, and as always, if I can help

Enjoy your winding path of Feminine Soul,