My heart ached all day.

I felt a visceral pain in the center of my being after hearing that Notre Dame de Paris had burned. Such a powerful, potent place, such depth and presence of the sacred feminine infused in the walls, window, & statues there.

My first thought: how does a stone building burn?

And then, what is the symbology of the collapsed roof and steeple—the most masculine aspects of the structure—mean?

Day 2: Gratitude. I awoke feeling incredibly blessed to have visited and experienced what I did, when so many have not. And have been musing about it since.

(Note: later reports of what’s been saved seems like a blessing too.)

Though touristy, it’s a power spot, on what was an ancient goddess site–as many cathedrals and basilicas are.

(Christians were nothing if not cleverly strategic in usurping and incorporating aspects of other traditions as a conversion and domination strategy. It’s been political as well as religious. Effective, too.)

Many know that Notre Dame, means “Our Lady” and assume this to be the Blessed Mother. What most don’t know, is that these cathedrals (there are many Notre Dames) were dedicated to Mary Magdalene until the 1200s.

(They all have Black Madonnas, too—coincidence?)

Magdalene is Our Lady. She has so much to teach us, hiding in plain sight!

You may not know that the focal point of the cathedrals was converted to Mother Mary following the Inquisition—persecution suppressing the veneration of Marie Madeleine, and the tradition, beliefs and lineage of the Cathars, who thrived in southern France. It became Magdalene Country after she landed there.

So while I feel great pain at the loss of Notre Dame, as an ancient site of Feminine Wisdom, the burning, torturing and suppressing of “Our Lady” is nothing new.

This place holds a connection to the Marys, as a temple to the Divine Feminine–cloaked in disguise under the structure of patriarchy, the Catholic Church.

Being under the authority of the male centered church, it was NOT a temple to the Feminine. And yet it was.

So there’s something being revealed here.

I can’t help but wonder at a deeper message.

It feels like the burning away of the masculine structure to reveal the Feminine energetic, the inner architecture, that has been buried under the façade of Catholicism.

What do you think we are being shown?

Wondering the message, meaning, or symbolism of this event I turned to the Marys—Magdalene and Madonna, to ask for input.

Fires do seem to be our teacher in this end of epoch.

My practice, similar to writing The Magdalene Path is to center in prayer & meditation, asking for higher guidance to be revealed. Rather than submit to the pundits, we can return to the inner wisdom of soul, guiding deity or higher self.

I’ll share that in my next article.

What your feeling/intuition on what this great calamity is revealing?

Let me know,

PS *Coincidentally* I have been planning a Rose Temple for Beltane, May 3, to dip into Magdalene and Madonna Mysteries.

Gather for an evening women’s temple, experience your Divine Feminine Self and activate your inner priestess as we dive into Spring and the path of the Rose at Beltane. Join us Friday May 3.

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Rose Temple – Beltane Circle

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We’ll also dip into Magdalene and Madonna Mysteries, the Path of the Rose.

Enjoy deep-dive connection, creative exploration, soulful conversation, and simple ceremony that spans religious traditions.

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