I just finished a month long sojourn: a sacred pause, retreat, or odyssey.

“What?” you might ask, “How can you leave for so long?” Well, it’s been necessary.

Like many in this post-pandemic world, I’ve had life situations that I needed to get clarity and new perspective on. Vague discontent, malaise, exhaustion. Maybe you can relate.

It’s a huge gift to take this time away.

Here’s the secret of all pilgrimages and sabbaticals: it’s not all glamour. It’s been glorious…and, hard.

Sure, you might visit glorious sites, with awesome Insta-worthy experiences, but these journeys of soul are initiations, with portals to be crossed, to meet and heal ourselves. (In other words, you deal with personal shit.)

Time to Wonder and Wander.

So I made a loose plan, packed up my tiny retro trailer and headed into the woods, where I could be quiet.

I’ve made it up as I’ve gone along. Guided by my intention (to rest and replenish, and untangle some of the knots in my being that have hampered me for a while.) I’ve been revisiting my native flow, following “what do I want to do now?” as my prompt.

I spend hours writing, sometimes pray, meditate, and consult my Oracle cards for guidance, perspective and support. Then maybe take a walk in the forest, make art collage journal paintings, wrist rosaries, knit, read, and nap. And when a social connection feels purposeful & inspired, seek out beloveds.

What, you might wonder, about The Magdalene Path?

I’m still excited about this work. (Exciting developments to share, including the next co-heart starting in October, with sweet early-entry sale on now. )

I’m grateful for a break. We all get to take time off/away, right?

Journeys of Soul as Initiation and Medicine

I’ve realized that rest and replenishment of self and soul IS part of the Magdalene Path. As Magdalene traveled around the south of France, and beyond, She must have taken breaks, when she was not teaching and healing.

That’s working from Feminine Flow. Embodied practice: Go when you’re inspired and energized, then rest. Review and recalibrate, then repeat.

This is the deeper path of awakening Feminine Soul: listening to Spirit, acting from our inner wisdom.

And it’s not something we know how to do so well in our culture of go-go-go, do we?

There’s more to say here but for now, I’ll close.

I did want to mention that I’m starting the next co-heart of the Magdalene Path live online 7 week program in October. You’ll hear more soon, meanwhile you can read the details–and see the sale on now–here.


P.S. If you feel called to deepen into YOUR practice of feminine embodiment, as a pathway of your Divine Feminine Soul, The Magdalene Path Program is starting in October.

Mary Magdalene was a brilliant leader and guide. Her story was repressed so we wouldn’t know the truth of who we are.

Explore the mysteries of Magdalene, as modern day mystic. 
Unwrap the hidden messages she has in store for you. Discover your intuition, creativity, sensuality, and beauty… a balanced and integrated version of yourself that you long to express.

You’ll find a community of sisters (and a few awesome bros) who resonate with your evolutionary awesomeness on the Divine Feminine path.

Join us! Your seat in the circle awaits…claim it and join us, goddess!

P.S.S. If you’ve already registered for Magdalene Path Program, I though you still might like to read this. And maybe share with a friend who would be a good priestess pal for you?? (Just a thought!)